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car wash website example
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Having a user-friendly, search-optimized website is an invaluable way to make your presence known in the saturated marketing landscape of the car wash industry. It’s the foundation for great marketing.

Think about this:

A potential customer searches on their phone “car wash near me” or “best car wash.”

If you don’t have a website (that’s optimized for local searches), you won’t show up anywhere and you won’t even have the chance of persuading them to choose your car wash over the competition.

Build the Information Hub for Your Car Wash

Your website is an all-encompassing view of your car wash, a central location to show off your company. A potential customer should be able to visit your website and learn all they need to and have access to all of your company’s information. Be sure to include items like

  • address and directions,
  • a clickable phone number and email address for automatic contact,
  • and a call to action inspiring someone to make a decision.

You should also include your car wash’s services and menu of wash types, any opportunity for savings such as a loyalty or unlimited monthly membership, links to your social media platforms, and relevant blog posts with unique content.

You can send someone to your website instead of having to answer countless questions – let them read for themselves.

We’re Experienced in Car Wash Marketing

M&R Marketing creates stunning, professional, and user-friendly car wash website designs that serve customers well. Through a deep understanding of our client and their needs, we have brought their website vision to life. Our car wash clients rely on different elements on their website to benefit both the business and customer, with pages and features such as:

Take a look at three car wash clients we have helped grow by producing an excellent website:

Tidal Wave Auto Spa

As Tidal Wave Auto Spa expanded its locations, they asked M&R to improve its branding and take the website up a notch. We developed a custom website, wrote SEO content, added a location feature which allowed the website visitor to easily find their locations – all while ensuring their brand reflected their fun and playful personality. Customers can now easily find which location is closest to them. In Georgia alone, Tidal Wave Auto Spa has 27 locations with multiple locations being in the same city.

Island Car Wash

Island Car Wash serves South Carolina’s low country community with locations in Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Okatie. They approached M&R with the need of improving their website with fresh content and design.

Throughout the website process, we were able to work with Island Car Wash’s team to build a fun, engaging, and clean website. We showcased some unique videography and photography of the Island Car Wash locations that added a personalized feel to the site. In addition to the great look and feel, we designed several features that were built specifically with the customer experience in mind. The first was to build individual locations pages so that anyone looking for a wash while out and about can easily find the nearest location. The second was to make the memberships as prominent as possible. By building a page dedicated to the monthly memberships, customers can easily sign up online.

Cherry Blossom Car Wash

Cherry Blossom Car Wash serves Middle Georgia with two locations in Macon, GA. They approached M&R as they were looking to open their second location in North Macon. By taking their old website and updating the user experience, modernizing the design, and creating compelling, traffic driving content, we positioned Cherry Blossom Car Wash as a full-service, state-of-the-art facility.

We educated site visitors on the car wash menu, services, and both locations’ information. In addition, we set up a way for potential members to sign up for a membership and make the purchase online. We also added a blog feature to ensure fresh, unique content is constantly being added to the website.

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*Source: International Car Wash Association