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High schools have the important task of preparing students for their future; it’s their final adolescent phase toward college or employment! With such an important task, high schools must have a website that helps them succeed in all areas. Your high school website design should attract parents and students and be extremely functional. Discover more:

High School Website Design: Users & Functionality

Your school’s website design needs to be created with parents, potential parents, students, and potential students in mind. With so many different users needing different things, it’s easy for high school websites to focus on function and lose the aspect of design.

For parents and potential parents, your school’s website design must boast professionalism and productivity. It needs to convey what your school is all about – shaping their child for the future. Many parents are very involved in their student’s high school career. Your website can help keep them informed of upcoming events, new faculty members, and the like.

For students and potential students, your school’s website design must be captivating as well as functional. Your website can captivate their interest and provide functional aspects such as extra-curricular activity information, academic calendars, and more.

Both parents and students can use your school’s website design in many ways. Depending on your needs, you can put as much information as needed on your website. Examples include:

  • Academic calendar
  • Athletic scores
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • School news
  • Searchable faculty directory

M&R’s Portfolio for High School Website Design

The M&R team has extensive experience creating high school websites. These websites are multi-functional and incredibly useful. We have had the opportunity to design and develop websites for multiple schools. Below are a few schools that we were able to serve! Discover what they needed and how we delivered:

Mount de Sales

The company that hosted their old website was no longer going to exist, so they needed a new web platform. They wanted a user-friendly platform that would house a calendar for all of their school events, an area that would be easy for parents to find information about the school, and a website that would be appealing to potential families interested in learning more about Mount de Sales.

We provided all of that – a mobile-friendly, user-friendly, sleek, easy-to-navigate custom designed and developed WordPress website. Their site’s look, feel, and functionality now matches the high caliber education and experience that Mount de Sales offers.

Tattnall Square Academy

Tattnall Square Academy contacted M&R with the desire to update their website design, implement a mobile-friendly feature, insert a blog and calendar feature, create a searchable directory for their faculty and staff, conduct sitemap submissions, host their new website, and more.

We accomplished these tasks while also sprucing up their look to portray a very modern website without losing their brand’s colors. This large website is now user-friendly, easy to navigate, and meets the needs of the parents and students.

Woodfield Academy

Woodfield Academy came to M&R in need of a rebrand and a new site. Their old site was not mobile-friendly, and the design hadn’t been updated in a while. They also wanted to add information about their Renovation Project – a master plan to create a Nature Smart learning environment that will help their students thrive.

We created a custom designed and developed WordPress site, implementing professional photography of their facility and students that emphasized their new branding. The site includes helpful information about the school and how to apply, and it also includes information (including a video and blueprints) of their master plan. The site has a giving page and form with an opportunity for interested parties to easily donate to Woodfield’s plan right on the site!

First Presbyterian Day School

First Presbyterian Day School contacted M&R with the desire to update the look and feel of their website and improve certain website functions. We began by transitioning their main website and athletic website to us for hosting purposes. Then, we partnered together to redesign their home page and other areas of their website.

One of their requests concerned their navigational menu. Our web developers updated FPD’s main menu, making it easier to browse and more user friendly. Additionally, once every one to two years, we update their home page design to keep it fresh!

How M&R Marketing Group Can Help

If your school website needs a redesign or an entire build, it’s important to trust a team who has accomplished this task many times. Our team will dedicate countless hours to your site – researching, creating, and building a site that will attract new students and be productive for current students. Are you ready to get started? Shoot us an email at !