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Gone are the days where salespeople were the resource for consumers. Customers are no longer purchasing products blindly, believing every word of the company’s advertisement. Now, the marketing universe is consumer driven, spinning in correlation with the buyer’s research process.

Through content marketing, you can play a vital role in your buyer’s research journey!

Customers are doing their own research before ever engaging with your team members, especially before purchasing a product or service. Because of this shift in marketing, it’s imperative to be part of your customer’s buying process, specifically in the research stage. Let’s dissect the four stages of the buyer process:

The Consumer Recognizes a Problem & Seeks a Solution

  • Did you know? Roughly 200 million people worldwide visit each month, searching for a solution to their problem!

The Consumer Researches Possible Solutions

  • You can be part of the research process by offering valuable content marketing pieces. These resources can guide your consumer in his decision-making journey.

The Consumer Compares Different Options

  • Here’s the truth – your company is not the only one offering a solution that will work. But, your company can stand out from the competition by offering helpful content marketing pieces.

The Consumer Makes a Purchase

  • After discovering a solution, conducting research, and comparing different options, the consumer is ready to purchase. If you’ve been part of his research process, there’s a high probability he will choose your product or service.

Content Marketing Provides an Avenue for Consumer Education

Consumers crave product education. They want to justify their choice to spend money on a product or service. By educating him on the depth of his problem and how your solution is the answer, you are aiding him in his research journey! You are not only helping your potential customer, but you are also strengthening your leadership position in the industry by offering useful content marketing resources.

This is part two of our three-part series about content marketing. Stay tuned for part three:

Team With M&R Marketing

Content marketing triggered competition between companies. Who can reach the consumer first with material that he finds valuable and intriguing? M&R Marketing can be part of this process. We know how to create and distribute helpful content marketing pieces to potential customers, enhancing your position with consumers and your competition! Are you ready to get started? Shoot us an email at!