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Parts one and two of this content marketing series focused on what content marketing is and why it’s important. Most importantly, you know that consistently offering valuable content marketing pieces will strengthen your leadership position and enable you to become a resource for your client. Now, it’s time to create those invaluable resources! Let’s take a look at a few content marketing avenues:


Now more than ever, consumers are visually driven. Videos that spark interest and offer valuable information can be absolute gold in your content marketing strategy. When your consumer watches your helpful videos, his brain will be stimulated both visually and logically.


Much like a video, infographics spark a viewer’s interest by offering aesthetically pleasing graphics coupled with information. An infographic can be used to illustrate data, simplify complex data, compare two or more things, or raise awareness about an issue.


Is writing not your thing? Is the video-creation process too much of a hassle? Create a podcast that people can listen to! They can go about their daily activities with your helpful information playing in their ears. (By the way, M&R Marketing can help with your writing and video dilemma!)


A whitepaper is an authoritative, comprehensive report on a specific topic that discusses both the problem and solution. Whitepapers give the consumer facts in a very streamlined fashion.


If you’re the most comfortable with informal writing, blogs are for you. Write your blog in the same way that you would have a conversation. Make sure your blog is engaging, 300+ words, and keywords are strewn throughout to help search engines pick up on your content marketing piece.

(Did you know? Search engines will rank websites higher if blogs are uploaded regularly!)


An eBook is an electronic book that people can access or read on their computer. Most eBooks are 30-40 pages but are not content heavy. eBooks boast a beautiful design complete with charts, graphs, and the like. They are easy to read, easy to digest, and can be downloaded for future use. (Take a look at these professional examples.)


One-pagers intertwine content with graphs and statistics. While creating a one-pager, you can start with content to introduce your resource, then add graphs and statistics to spark their interest and hold their attention.

Promote Your Resource

Once you’ve created your content marketing resource, send it to your customers! You can do this through various channels – a landing page on your website, social media campaign, Google Ads campaign, eNewsletters, and more. You’ve worked hard to create this piece… don’t let it sit idle as a computer file.

This is the last blog in our three-part series about content marketing. If you haven’t read parts one and two yet, make sure to check them out:

Team With M&R Marketing

Our team understands that content marketing is the heartbeat behind your marketing strategy. You not only must create valuable, appealing content, but you must know how to market it effectively! That’s where we come in. Our graphic designers, copywriters, web developers, and account managers are happy to bring your content marketing strategy to life, so your business can reach new customers! Are you ready to get started? Shoot us an email at!