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Growing up, my parents always reminded me that if I told the truth, the consequences would be less severe. I tested that theory quite a bit as a kid, and they were right. They were teaching me about trust. We kept the lines of communication open and honest for most of my childhood and 20+ years later, I’ve made that same promise to my 3 sons.

Trust is difficult to earn and easy to lose and it should be taken very seriously – when you tell someone you can be trusted, you should be prepared to prove it. Being trustworthy as a person requires constant effort, but I’ve learned that being trustworthy as a business requires even more effort. Not only are you accountable for your own actions and words, you’re also empowering an entire team of people to do the same. But, the latter also comes with great reward. When you have an entire team committed to cultivating trustworthy relationships, the opportunities are endless.

Since 2008, we’ve worked hard to create a culture that values trust. Our first core value is to ‘be relational’ and trust is at the core of that. As a marketing agency, we believe that our team should trust each other and our clients should trust our team.

Offering trust to one another also creates accountability, which we believe is important for every relationship. So, we thought we’d make a declaration of trust to you … and invite you to hold us accountable to a few things.

You can trust in our abilities – our talented, award-winning team of creatives and account managers are devoted to their craft and the ongoing development of their ingenuity.

You can trust in our work ethic – we work incredibly hard and strive to always do what’s right, no matter the cost.

You can trust in our availability – every client has a full team of people committed to the project’s success and we’re prompt to answer questions and provide support.

You can trust in our longevity – in 2018 we celebrated our 10th year in business; that same year we were awarded Small Business of the Year by our Chamber of Commerce. We’re here for the long haul and are constantly evolving to meet the demands of the ever-changing marketing landscape.

You can trust in our flexibility – we are committed to what the market tells us is working; if that requires a pivot in our approach, that’s what we do. We are very good at predicting and listening.

You can trust in our non-biased recommendations – we don’t own stock in any ad channel and we don’t push our own products. If an ad channel is effective for you, that’s what we recommend. If it’s not effective, we don’t recommend it.

You can trust in our discretion – we often work with clients in pre-launch stage and with clients who offer proprietary solutions to their market. We’re good at keeping secrets.

Trust is a word that should be taken very seriously and we will work hard to earn and maintain your trust as a client.