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What’s all the buzz about?

Social media is all the buzz. Magazines are writing about it, marketers are blogging about it, and the world wide news is tracking it. Half of all internet users have a social media profile and 4 out of 5 users visit social media sites and blogs. These statistics are baffling and the numbers are steadily increasing. But, what do the statistics mean?

Like with any other phenomenon the most important question is, why? Why is social media the center of conversation? Let’s take a closer look.

Nothing new here

The markets have always been flooded with an overwhelming amount of products and services. Consumers are exposed to hundreds of advertisements every day. Turn on the morning news and you’re more likely to see a commercial than the news. You drive to work and pass several billboards. You turn on the radio and hear numerous advertisements. You log on the internet and are bombarded with ads…and the list goes on. They are in every direction you look.

How do you make since of it all? How do you pick and choose?

You turn to those you trust: family and friends. You naturally seek the opinions of those you place confidence in. It’s what we do. This is how it has always been and will continue to be. What is the best brand of flour to buy for this cake? You ask mom. Where should I go to set up my retirement plan? You ask dad. What movie should I go see this weekend? You ask your friends. It’s what we in marketing call “Word-of-Mouth” and it is the best form of marketing for any company. The dream of every brand is to be a part of these conversations. To be discussed over a cup of coffee between two friends is like winning the lottery for a business!

Back to social media

There is nothing new under the sun! When you need advice about what type of cell phone to buy, you ask someone you trust. The only difference now, with the force that is social media, is where the conversations are taking place. Now, instead of calling your friend when deciding what movie to see this weekend, you can read their Facebook post and hear EXACTLY what they thought of the new blockbusters. Or maybe your air conditioner breaks in the dead of a hot southern summer! Who should you call? Type a post on Facebook and within minutes you will have dozens of suggestions (with phone numbers and website addresses).

Word-of-mouth is still the best form of marketing. And social media is where those conversations are taking place. Be there!

And, if your business needs help getting there, we’d love to sit down and discuss how your business can become a part of the conversation.

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