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images of print pieces M&R Marketing has done for Middle Georgia State University
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Middle Georgia State University (MGA) entrusted M&R Marketing Group to design the 12-page booklet containing their first-ever strategic plan, which highlights MGA’s goals and priorities over the next three years, 2015-2018.

MGA needed to portray a large amount of content and statistics in an easy-to-read, exciting format. So, M&R Marketing Group created a booklet incorporating visually appealing elements while staying true to their branding.

“Our starting point for the design process was MGA’s logo. It uses a tone-on-tone element giving it a level of dimension that we wanted to explore and expand on. We worked with this idea of layers crossing over each other at an angle to create new colors and shapes throughout the booklet, offering an energetic and fresh look,” explained Heather Waldron, senior graphic designer at M&R.

Even down to the images, M&R’s designers thoughtfully chose photos of MGA’s state-of-the-art buildings with architecture that seamlessly alluded to the angles used in the booklet. Another important element of the design that correlates with MGA’s branding is the use of negative space.

“They asked for something simple but dynamic, so especially for the cover, I relied greatly on the negative space to create emphasis,” said Nicollette Boydstun, M&R’s graphic designer responsible for creating the booklet.

Dr. Christopher Blake presented the strategic plan to 800+ faculty and staff at Middle Georgia State University’s convocation on August 7, and copies of the booklet designed by M&R were distributed.

Blake explained the importance of the strategic plan in his comment, “Our students and alumni will shape the future of our region and our globally connected planet. We commit to helping them do this through an extraordinary higher education, and this plan will guide us in our implementation.”

View Booklet

We invite you to share in MGA’s vision and take a look at the strategic plan booklet.

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