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Have you ever wanted to present your company’s products and services to customers in a clean, easy-to-digest, and tangible way? Maybe you’ve thought about showcasing your organization’s abilities and efforts to the communities you serve. Perhaps you want to provide a print piece that prospective students and parents can reach for when they want to learn more about your educational institution.

No matter your goals, a booklet design from M&R Marketing Group is a great way to provide an overview of your company or organization to clients, donors, vendors, and more.

Booklets allow you to expound upon all facets of your business, institution, or organization, from the products or services you offer to your mission statement, future strategic objectives, upcoming action plans, and more. You can even use it to highlight positive customer experiences, current team members, or core values.

What Makes a Booklet Design Great?

There are several aspects of a strategic, successful booklet design:

Clear Purpose

Booklets require a purpose. There should be a goal to the piece you are creating, whether it’s to promote your products and services or to educate readers on a certain aspect of your company or organization. If a booklet does not have a clear purpose or goal, it will lack a logical structure and flow, and it could confuse your readers. Without a purpose, it could also feature too much information, overwhelming readers and hindering them from digesting the correct information.

Logical Flow

When laying out your booklet design ideas, make sure it has a logical flow. The copy and design elements should all make sense together and guide the reader through your messaging from start to finish. Without the proper flow, readers could get lost among the pages or confused with the content, which can ultimately hurt your booklet efforts.

Accurate Size

The page count and paper size of your booklet should hinge on the purpose of the project and the content you want it to present. A small 4-page booklet is good for promoting the benefits of a single product or service. It could also work to educate audiences about your business through a general overview. However, a 10-page booklet is better suited for showcasing multiple products, services, or in-depth details about your company or organization.

Examples of Good Book Design

Take a look at some of our booklet design examples below, separated by various industries and focuses:

Governments & Institutions

Governments, universities, and other institutions have complex information that must be distributed to large amounts of people. We understand the need to portray complex information in an easy-to-read, visually appealing format. Our designers can incorporate graphs, charts, and other design elements to present strategic plans, orientation materials, quality reports, annual financial reports, and more.

Here are several booklet examples we’ve made for governments and institutions:


Non-profits need booklet designs that promote their mission and inspire the donations needed to make a difference in their community. At M&R, we love designing booklets for non-profits because we believe they are the lifeblood of the community. A booklet design from M&R is especially effective for end-of-year reports and annual fundraising campaigns.

Here is one of many booklet examples we’ve made for non-profits:

Catalogs & Menus

Businesses that sell products need visually stunning booklets to display their various items, from catering menus to aerospace parts. In order to attract new clients, your booklet design needs to be professional and eye-catching—something you would be proud to give to clients or display at trade shows.

Here are several booklet examples we’ve made for catalogs and menus:

Service Industries

A booklet that explains clearly and concisely who you are and what you offer to clients is a necessity for businesses in the service sector. Your booklet should highlight examples of your work and explain who you are to clients. It is your opportunity to present your skills, expertise, and customer service through stunning graphic design, professional photography, quotes, and more.

Here are several booklet examples we’ve made for service industries:

Why Booklets from M&R Marketing?

The well-designed, strategically focused booklets from M&R are professionally designed and printed. You can choose from a wide paper selection, including glossy, matte, and linen, or add some flair with custom-finishing options such as satin, AQ, and spot-UV. Your booklet design options are nearly endless as we create:

  • 8-100+ Pages
  • Numerous Booklet Dimensions
  • Eye-Catching Infographics

Our designs incorporate your branding, reflect your mission and values, and entice clients to read about your business. We also offer copywriting services to help communicate your message effectively.

Are you ready to get started? Give us a call at 478-621-4491. We look forward to working with you!