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Campus Clubs and M&R Marketing logos
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At M&R Marketing, we are always looking for ways to support initiatives that improve our home community of Macon, GA. That’s why during the 2018 Christmas season, we founded a program called M&R Gives – a holiday fundraiser designed to support community development.

For our inaugural campaign, M&R Marketing raised $11,775 for Campus Clubs, a local after-school program. This exceeded our $10,000 campaign goal! The Middle Georgia community raised $6,675 through the M&R Gives program, and we provided a $5,000 donation match. We’re incredibly thankful to everyone who contributed to support the mission of Campus Clubs!

With the money raised, Campus Clubs provided winter jackets, holiday meals, and Christmas gifts for children in Macon’s Pleasant Hill community. Campus Clubs is also using the donations to continue offering students life skills training, educational tutoring, and spiritual enrichment. Campus Clubs has served Macon families for over 20 years and equipped thousands of students with the tools and support they need to succeed. You can learn more about Campus Clubs and support their mission here.