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John Ryan Lechner smiling and sitting on a brick staircase. He needs a haircut and to tuck in his shirt in the back more
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By Cody Meek, Web Developer

Since John was so kind spending some time reflecting upon our experience as Middle Georgia State University alumni, I figure I will share a few words regarding my time with John. The other side of the story, if you will.

My first time meeting John was in a Systems Analysis and Design class during my freshman year in college. A class I haphazardly fell into taking, but that is another story for another day. Halfway through the class we happened to be on the same project team — mostly because he was already seated next to me.

My most poignant memory from that time is myself communicating from a Charleston hotel room during Spring Break, messaging back-and-forth with John as I struggled to fumble my way through a Gantt Chart and Work Breakdown Structure for our final project. Never did I have any communication issues with John and knew I could rely on him to uphold his end of the work. Granted, all of us were stumbling our way through each assignment as we painstakingly put together the document that would serve as our final project. I’m sure both of us have grey hairs lingering somewhere throughout our hear from those couple of weeks alone.

Last year I had the fortune of applying for and beginning a part-time/internship position as a student web developer for Middle Georgia State University. Upon interviewing I already was informed they were in the process of offering another web developer position to another student. When I learned that student was John I was excited. From previous experience I knew he would do a good job. Sure enough, he would prove that within a short amount of time.

John was always on the ball with each request as they came in from different departments and faculty within the university. When an email would come enter my inbox I always was impressed and challenged by the professionalism in his responses and demeanor. If there was a project I was working on I could not complete before leaving, he would kindly work on that project the next morning without any complaints or ill will.

Rarely do people go above and beyond what they need to to either help their coworkers or do their work. John made a practice of doing just that.

I am very much indebted to John for the conversation we had so many months ago informing me M&R Marketing Group was looking for a web-developer. In many ways I would not have the job I do now if not for John (praise the Lord for working that out). Already having an established synergy through the university gives me a considerable level of trust and comfort working with John.

He has shown dedication to his craft and is not only willing, but also eager to learn and share that knowledge.

Outside of work, I’ve enjoyed learning more about skateboarding, something I wish I could do but lack the coordination to bring to fruition, and getting to do fun things like watch Captain America: Civil War.

John is an all around great guy, a hard worker, and someone I genuinely admire and enjoy being around. You cannot really go wrong with a coworker like that.

Hope you have a great birthday man!

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