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M&R Marketing Building
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As kids growing up in Macon, downtown was associated with several things: watching Chipper and Andruw Jones dominate the single A Macon Braves, going to the fair and street party with friends, attending baseball camps, and walking aimlessly for hours with 35mm cameras in hand. And now, as adults, it means even more: dinner, drinks, festivals, concerts, Mercer games, hockey games, hill slides, art exhibits, and on and on.

Today, M&R Marketing Group is happy to announce that downtown Macon means a great deal to our business as well, and we are beyond excited to officially call downtown our home. To say we now own one of the buildings we rode past as children is a testament to dreams, hard work, and grace, three things that sum up Macon pretty well, too.

We’ve had our eyes set on downtown Macon for several years, and about a year ago we began taking long lunches and drives through the area with our heads and cameras hanging out the window. We were enthralled by the stunning architecture, the tangible promise of growth, and the fullness of it all. We couldn’t envision our next chapter being written anywhere else.

It’ll be a tough move, having to enjoy all of the delicious lunch spots, after work lingering, First Fridays, Bragg Jam, and Cherry Blossom Festival, but we’ll make due. We’re excited to walk to appointments, enjoy the parks and streetscapes during breaks, and watch the ongoing progress of alley projects, corridors, and the construction of lofts, homes, and multi-use commercial/retail developments. And Mercer University – man, is our team proud to have alumni from Mercer and be closer to its goodness!

The last few months have been difficult–we’ve wanted to tell everyone we see, and keeping secrets is hard work. But, now that we own the building and renovations are starting, it’s time. We can’t wait to introduce you to our new space. It’s full of character and also stands as an important piece of architecture in Macon, as one of the only examples of mid-century modern design. With our renovations, we plan to both preserve and accentuate this period.

We will officially call 331 Third Street home on May 1, and we’ll have a big ol’ party to christen it. As we make the move, we’ll continue our quest to make Macon proud and to embody its spirit of being grounded yet progressive in all that we do.

See you downtown!

– Matthew & Nick

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