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M&R Marketing employees walk around office lobby
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Congratulations. Well done. You more than survived 2020; you thrived. Over the last 9 months, we’ve had countless conversations with you and we were inspired by your perseverance, quick-footed and innovative pivots, relentless work ethic, and creative insight into the future of your industry and consumer habits.

Thank you for inspiring us, and thank you for entrusting us to walk alongside you.

As I thought about you, one word came to mind – resilient.

A resilient person …

“is capable of withstanding shock without permanent damage”

“tends to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change”

That’s you. You withstood shock. You recovered. You adapted. You came together. You rallied. You decided you wanted more no matter what was required of you.

You launched new businesses, services, and products. You created operational efficiencies that will become mainstays. You interacted with your customers in new and meaningful ways. You saw your team rally together like never before.

What I love about resilience is that it’s not a born trait – it’s an earned trait. Resilience develops in us when our behaviors, thoughts, and actions move in the right direction, regardless of circumstances.

You earned every inch of movement this year.

After I caught my breath, I thought about 2021 and M&R’s commitment to you. I considered what would lead us full speed into 2021 and allow us to continue disrupting and innovating. M&R is so honored to have your trust in 2021, and here’s what you can expect us to be for you:

  1. Exceptionally Creative
  2. All In
  3. Full Service & Fully Engaged
  4. Results Driven
  5. Strategically Aligned