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M&R Office in Macon
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We are a lot like many of you. We started with a dinner-table idea. No one handed us a business plan or roadmap to success. We worked crazy hours, fought hard for market share, built a great team, and relied on intelligent and reliable partners.

We grew because we knew growth requires a team.

As we reflected on 15 years in business and planned for the next one, we kept landing on one phrase: forward together. In 2024, we will grow as a company by working as a team, and we believe the same is true for you.

You have allowed us to be part of your team, and we take an enormous amount of pride in that. As we honor that commitment, you can count on us in four key ways this year:

Commitment #1: Deep Industry Knowledge

In 2023, each department of M&R engaged in continuing education. Multiple departments received new industry certifications. We also expanded our toolbox with new resources for analytics and performance metrics, market data tied to your industry, and more.

Commitment #2: Expanded Customer Support Team

In our desire to best serve you, we created a new position: Project Manager. Each client now has a team that includes a Project Manager and a Business Development Manager, doubling the size of your personal support team. While the PM oversees the important details of your project specs, timelines, and deliverables, your BDM oversees your strategy and works closely with our in-house production team.

Commitment #3: Active Listening

Most of you received a post-project satisfaction survey from us in 2023. We use that information to improve our services and acknowledge our hard-working team for jobs well done. These surveys will expand in 2024 and include more precise questions to help us ensure we are fully serving your needs.

Commitment #4: Service Growth

We operate in an industry that constantly evolves. Each of our five departments is led by a senior team member who is focused on equipping their team while expanding and improving our services. We are excited to roll out multiple new and expanded services in 2024.

We’ve built and trained the best team possible so we can provide you with the best support possible.

You’ve allowed us to help you build your brand, tell your story, and grow your business, and we never lose sight of how fortunate we are to partner with you in that way. It is a great responsibility, and we will continue to honor it.