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Geofencing is a form of location-based marketing that sends your ads to mobile devices within your chosen location(s). You can create a virtual fence around these areas through geofencing and instantly begin serving your ads to users within the designated space(s).

Geofencing requires three main components to work optimally:

  1. Market research
  2. Content strategy
  3. Well-planned targeting location

Market Research

Effective geofencing requires you to know where your target audience is to choose the best place(s) to put your geofence(s). Through market research, you can discover the stores or establishments that your audiences frequent, the neighborhoods your audiences live in, and more. Build your strategy around your research findings and reap big results.

Content Strategy

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or spread a specific message from your company, your geofencing ad requires proper planning. Ensure your ad is clear, catchy, and designed to encourage the viewer to take action with your company.

Well-Planned Locations

Based on what you discover through market research and what you want your ad messaging to say, you can plan out the best geofencing location(s) and optimize your targeting efforts.

Pro tip: Businesses often geofence their own and competitors’ locations. By fencing your competition, you’ll show up in front of their leads and customers, increasing your chance of conversions.


Geofencing Advertising Benefits

When you create a winning geofencing strategy, you can expect 6 immediate benefits:

Benefit #1: Reach Your Audience Through Hyper-Specific Targeting

When targeting your audience, geofencing lets you be as specific or broad as you want. Whether your ideal fence is 5 feet in radius or spans the entire state, you can create the right boundary for your targeting needs. (We don’t usually recommend that small or large of a fence, but if you think a severely sharp or wide placement would work, geofencing provides the capabilities to make that happen.)

Benefit #2: Connect Instantly to Your Target Audience

Through strategic geofencing tactics, you can meet your audience where they are, literally! Geofencing sends your ads and messages to anyone who enters your boundary. By setting your fence in a well-placed location or multiple locations where your target audience often visits, your ads will appear in front of the right people and increase your likelihood of garnering quality connections.

Benefit #3: Personalize Your Audience’s Experience

Because geofencing ads appear wherever you place your fence, you can make your messaging hyper-specific for those who cross your boundary. Many times, the messaging used for one geofence will translate poorly if used for a different fence. By personalizing the messaging for each targeted location, you can speak specifically to the people who enter each fence and create a quality experience for your audience.

Benefit #4: Stand Out from the Competition

Not every business uses geofencing strategies to reach target audiences, but you can. When you appear in front of quality leads instead of your competition, you have an increasingly better chance of gaining their business.

Even if your competitors are using geofencing strategies to reach your audience and customers, you can strategize and re-strategize to ultimately outperform competitors’ ads. Study what your competition is creating so that you may improve upon your messaging strategies and serve your audience more successfully.

Benefit #5: Receive Instant Data Feedback

For many digital ad strategies, you must wait for the monthly cycle to complete before your data reports are available to review. However, geofencing allows you to analyze your data results in real-time. See how many people enter your fence, what time of day users are most active, how many in the fence view your ad, and so much more. You can use the data you receive to reshape strategies if necessary. Improve the messaging, relocate your fence placement, or resize the boundary to optimize your campaign further.

Benefit #6: Grow Your Brand

Every business wants audiences to know its name. Geofencing helps make that happen as soon as the campaign begins. Your ads will appear in front of users in your well-planned location(s), allowing quality leads to encounter your name and consciously or subconsciously start to recognize your brand. The more brand recognition you garner among your target audience, the more likely you are to grow your business, turning prospects into satisfied clients.

Bonus Benefit: Convert Leads into Customers

As addressed in the benefit above, geofencing works to target your ideal audience and convert leads into customers. Whether they realize it or not, your target market needs your products or services. By convincing them to rely on your business through quality geofencing tactics, you will win over more customers and gain more business.

Conversion isn’t always an immediate benefit to geofencing advertising, but it is the primary goal of location-based marketing and works when your geofencing strategy is managed correctly.


Do You Want to See Big Benefits Through Geofencing Advertisements for Your Business? Contact Our Digital Experts Today.


M&R Marketing can create a winning geofencing strategy for your business, designed to provide noticeably excellent results. Tell us your location-based marketing goals, and we will employ the right tactics for you. Shoot us an email at or give us a call at 478-621-4491 to get started.

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