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Geofencing advertising (sometimes called geofencing marketing) uses GPS signals or radiofrequency identifiers (RFIDs) to create a virtual fence around your chosen location. As soon as a receptive phone or device crosses your digital fence, it will display the ad you want your audience to receive in that particular location.

Your geofence(s) can be as broad or narrow as your strategy requires. You can define your area by:

  • Country
  • State
  • County
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Street
  • Block
  • Shopping Center
  • Store Location

Why Use Geofencing? (And Where to Apply It?)

You can add geofencing to your marketing strategy in several ways to achieve various goals. Use it to:

  • Capture the audience’s attention
  • Earn new customers
  • Gain audience or marketing insights

Capturing Audience Attention

Businesses can use geofencing to build brand awareness or create a personalized experience for the users within each fence.

For instance, a retail store can create a fence around its shopping center to reach mobile users who are actively visiting the center to shop. Your ads can appear on mobile devices as soon as they enter the parking lot. Visitors will encounter your ads and become aware of your nearby business.

Your store can also fence competitors’ locations so their customers can gain awareness of – and interest in – your brand.

Earning New Customers

Businesses can win over leads through strategic geofencing placement and tactical messaging.

Let’s say a restaurant wants to target hungry mobile users nearby or in town through strategic geofencing. If your restaurant is located in a mall, build a fence around the mall’s perimeter so that shoppers will encounter your ads and want to visit at some point during their shopping spree.

You can also capture more customers by targeting locations like gyms, busy parks, or other spots where people often leave hungry.

Gaining Audience or Marketing Insights

Through geofencing, businesses can gain beneficial insights into their audience’s behavior or current marketing strategies.

For example, an interior design company wants to open a second storefront location in a new city, but the owner wants to know where the heaviest foot traffic is. The company can establish a fence around the city and study users’ movement patterns over time. Doing so will show high-traffic areas, the busiest times of day, and more.

If the interior design company has offline advertising like a billboard, it could establish a geofence around the billboard and its current storefront. After a while, it can compare the number of store visitors exposed to the billboard to the number of visitors who did not see it. A strategy like this helps determine the effectiveness of print ads.

Tracking Your Geofencing Ads

Once you have decided on your geofencing ad goals and have established your location, you can track real-time campaign performance and analyze your results.

The metrics you gain from your geofencing campaign will reveal beneficial information you can use to further enhance or improve your marketing strategy. Collect essential measurements and data from your geofence, including:

  • Age demographics
  • Clickthrough rates (CTR)
  • Conversion rates
  • Gender demographics
  • Number of sent notifications

You can see these results as soon as the campaign begins. You don’t have to wait on a monthly report to view your metrics and study your campaign as it progresses.

Additional data points include:

  • The number of users who enter your fence
  • The number of users who exit your fence

You can observe how many people enter and exit your fence daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Compare both figures to determine results like:

  • Ad effectiveness
  • Dwell times
  • Most active entry times
  • Re-entry
  • Traffic patterns

You can adjust your campaign strategy through careful data analysis to create even better results. Change your ad messaging to speak to your audience better. Sharpen your calls to action. Widen or tighten your fence to entice more people. Relocate your fence to a more practical area.

If there are areas you could revise based on campaign results, implement the changes immediately to see performance improvements.


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