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In the early days of marketing, companies created product-focused marketing campaigns for their consumers, and it was successful for the most part. As time passed, marketing campaigns shifted their focus to consumers. Priorities changed to concentrate on the behavior and mindset of the customer and make sure their product or service met their needs. When location-based marketing was introduced and implemented, marketing received a facelift once again. Hello, geofencing and geotargeting! These two location-based marketing tools allow your company to serve ads to potential customers when they physically enter a location you have chosen to target. Location-based marketing boasts numerous benefits, such as:

  • Allows for a personalized customer experience
  • Boosts local sales
  • Connects with your customers at the right place and time
  • Creates opportunity for financial efficiency
  • Enhances brand awareness
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Provides access to geofencing data to make informed decisions
  • Serves ads to your customers after they’ve left the geofence
  • Uses technology to compete against your rivals

Implementing location-based marketing tools can drastically improve your company’s overall profitability as more interested customers will be aware and intrigued by your company. Allow us to explain three reasons why you need to utilize geofencing in your marketing strategy:

Your Competition is Using Geofencing

Companies are flocking to location-based marketing tactics to push their own agenda and to hopefully disrupt yours! Your competition can use geofencing or geotargeting to veer customers away from your store and into theirs. For example, if you are one of two makeup stores in the same outdoor mall, your competitor could place a geofence around your store. Once a potential customer enters that fence, she will be served ads from your competition! There’s no technology to eliminate the fence, but you can act offensively by implementing the same game plan along with other marketing strategies.

Your Customers Expect a Personalized Marketing Campaign

Technology, coupled with a brilliant marketing team, has made it possible to serve ads to potential customers that match their interests. By using geotargeting technology, the ads that are delivered to your customer’s digital device have a high likelihood of piquing their interest. Although this is wonderful news for retailers, it also serves the customer very well.

We live in a world where blanket marketing campaigns delivering generalized ads are not sufficient on their own. Your potential customer can search on Google for a certain boot brand and, within minutes, she will have boot ads bein­­g delivered to her Instagram account as she scrolls through her feed. Customers have come to expect this type of marketing campaign, and your company can deliver on those expectations via location-based marketing.

Consumers are Willing to Give You Their Information

Location-based marketing relies on… you guessed it… the location of your consumer. To serve ads to your consumer, they must allow your geofence to access their GPS or IP address that is connected to their mobile device. Statistics show that more often than not, customers are willing to give you their information. Consider these two statistics from Social Media Today and Search Engine Land, respectively:

  • “30% of the international population uses location-based service and 80% of them want to receive location-based alerts from businesses.”
  • “70% of consumers say they are willing to share their location information if they believe they are getting something of value in return.”

The question is no longer if you need to implement location-based marketing, but rather how to do it most effectively. We’re happy to help.

M&R Marketing Can Implement Geofencing into Your Marketing Strategy

When set up correctly, location-based marketing puts your company, products, and services in front of your target audience. It exponentially increases the chance for them to choose your company over your competition. With this incredible technology working for you, your marketing tactics can be more efficient and profitable. Our team would be happy to discuss this marketing service with you and hear what your goals are for location-based marketing! Reach out to our team with questions: 478-621-4491.

Stay tuned for part three of our location-based marketing series:

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