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There is a friendly dispute concerning who birthed digital marketing. Was it Ray Tomlinson, the man who sent the first email (to himself, ironically, since there was no one else to email)? Or was the first digital marketer Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the radio?

One thing is for sure; neither man could have possibly imagined how the early digital market would explode into the multi-faceted and successful avenue it is today.

Companies must have an online presence and a strong digital marketing strategy to stand out from the competition. But, before diving into how to find success in the digital market, we need to understand two important concepts – digital saturation and digital fatigue.

Digital Saturation

Saturation is defined as “the state or process that occurs when no more of something can be absorbed, combined with, or added.”

Read that definition again and consider the digital market.

The digital realm is enormous, filled with roughly two billion websites. As this realm continues to grow, the Internet-viewing audience has plateaued. Billions of people are browsing the Internet daily, and these people do not have the inclination or time to view more digital content. So, how do you stand out in an over-saturated arena where the viewers don’t have the mental capacity to take in your advertisements?

Digital Fatigue

With the influx of Americans having jobs that require 8-10 hours of being in front of a computer, it’s no surprise that, on average, people see 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day. Without a doubt, digital advertising allows for more messages to be seen than traditional advertising. However, you don’t want your messages to only be seen but to ignite a response within the viewer.

Because of the constant bombardment of digital and traditional ads, consumers are becoming numb to the advertisements and responsiveness is declining. This phenomenon is known as digital fatigue.

How can you combat both digital saturation and digital fatigue to ensure your messages are not only seen but responded to? Here are three helpful tips:

Establish a Consistent, Cross-Channel Strategy

When you have a marketing strategy that implements the same message over multiple channels, you are strengthening your brand and becoming a leader in your industry.

A well-thought-out and robust strategy that is only on one platform causes your company to lose potential customers who are on other channels. In turn, a weak and inconsistent marketing strategy that’s implemented on several platforms will confuse the viewers and cause them to doubt your brand. Create a consistent, multi-channel marketing strategy and your company will have a better chance at success.

Use Traditional Advertisement Methods

In a technological world filled with billions of digital advertisements, don’t underestimate the power of traditional advertisements. Traditional advertisements still have the power to grip the viewer’s attention and ignite their curiosity. Consider reaching your audience via traditional advertisements such as billboards, flyers, mailers, and newspapers.

Track Your Activity

Once your ads are on a digital platform, you need to track how well they are performing. First, determine what activity is considered a success for your company. Activities such as visitors sharing their contact information, purchasing your products, and claiming special offers show that your customers are responding to your ads! However, metrics that show a high bounce rate, minimal purchases, and unopened emails tell you that your approach needs to change.

Partner with M&R Marketing

Now that you understand the problem that over-saturation causes in the digital market, it’s time to act! If you’re unsure how to establish a cross-channel strategy, implement traditional advertisements methods, or track your activity, we can help. This is what we do every day, and we’re passionate about it. Our entire team of marketers are here to help your company thrive! Give us a call with your questions: 478-621-4491.

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