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Industrial companies offer services that fuel the success of other businesses. Whether that service is predictive maintenance to prolong the life of mechanical equipment or delivering high-quality oil to clients, these services empower companies to better serve the public.

With such an important role, your industrial website design must deliver the same exceptional user-experience that your company promises with its services and products. Discover how your industrial website design will benefit both your company and potential clients:

Industrial Website Design: Users & Functionality

Your industrial website design is likely the first impression that your potential client has of your company. This first impression will give them insight into the quality of work you offer and their upcoming relationship with you. Your potential client should be able to easily navigate your website to discover your services or products and contact you with ease to pursue a partnership.

Your website should also benefit your company. You spend countless hours creating a product or service that will benefit your client, and your website must reflect the high-quality work you do. Here are a few key elements you can include in your industrial website design:

  • About Us
  • Contact Info
  • Leadership
  • Industry Awards
  • Industry News
  • Portfolio
  • Products
  • Services
  • Testimonials

Do you have an additional need for your industrial website design? No problem. We can customize your website to fit your needs!

M&R’s Portfolio for Industrial Website Design

We are honored to partner with incredible industrial clients to revamp their website or create it completely from scratch. Our team understands the importance of an industrial website design and work tirelessly to deliver an exceptional product. Discover four of many industrial clients we have helped find success by producing an excellent website:

B&D Industrial

B&D Industrial is a large company headquartered in Macon. With its three large divisions, B&D has quite the footprint in the U.S. They came to M&R seeking branding assistance with icon development for each division, print materials, and an updated website. When developing the website, it was essential that each division be given its own space and section on the site – so each division has a “homepage” and individualized menu to better serve the customers for that division and B&D Industrial as a whole. Additionally, there are helpful resources (included division-specific case studies), a blog feature, and a custom branch locator feature to better serve B&D’s customers.

All State Electrical

All State Electrical (ASE) has served the Middle Georgia community since 1997 and has built quality relationships with their partners during that time. The need arose for ASE to have a website that accurately reflected who they are as a company, while also showcasing work they have completed for and with their partners. M&R was able to fill that need by developing a unique website that presents ASE’s values, services, and featured projects in an easy to use sleek website.

Hays Service

Hays Service has served the Middle Georgia community for 75 years. They came to M&R needing a website that accurately reflected their branding, while effectively communicating who they are as a company and how they serve the commercial HVAC industry. The new website also needed to be a resource for their own team, including the ability to update new job openings and ongoing content.

Walthall Oil

Walthall Oil needed an up-to-date site that provided information on their retail and wholesale services. M&R created a custom designed, mobile-friendly website for Walthall Oil. The site includes a map of their existing retail locations, a blog with latest company and industry news, and in-depth information on all their wholesale services. Walthall’s website allows their current and prospective customers to find helpful information easily in this user-friendly website.

M&R Marketing Can Create Your Industrial Website Design

The intricate detail you put into every service and product you offer is what makes you stand out from your competition. So, why settle for anything less than stellar when it comes to your industrial website design? Our team of graphic designers, copywriters, web developers, and account managers can bring your website to life so that you can continue doing what you do best. Are you ready to get started? Send us an email at!

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