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Remember when connecting with Millennials was the puzzle that marketers were trying to solve? Now, Millennials are an established market segment that industries across the board have learned to communicate with. It’s Generation Z’s turn to enter the workforce and shake up the marketing puzzle. Marketers are again faced with the challenge of connecting with this new, younger audience.

Nonprofits should especially be paying attention to Gen Z, as research and polling show that this generation is increasingly socially conscious and eager to change the world.

Who is Gen Z?

According to Pew Research, Generation Z members are born after 1996, meaning the oldest of the group are entering the workforce and building spending power and influence.

Here is what researchers are telling us about Generation Z so far:

  • Gen Z members are more racially diverse than any previous generation
  • Gen Z members are conscious of social justice issues
  • Gen Z members are digital natives with no memory of a world before smartphones
  • Gen Z is on track to be the highest educated generation yet

Source: Pew Research Center

How Can Nonprofit Marketers Reach Gen Z?

At the core of any marketing strategy is establishing a genuine connection.

As a nonprofit marketer, your goal is to build connections, spur people into action, and effect a positive change for your mission. Whether it’s an annual giving campaign or recruiting volunteers for a new initiative, nonprofits need to reach new audiences to build lasting loyalty.

Here are some tips for connecting with Gen Z in your marketing messaging:

1. Be Authentic

No matter the medium, your content and messaging should be robust and authentic. Leave the fake marketing and sales-y speak behind. People today (especially Gen Z, our digital natives) can easily perceive when you’re veering off-brand to try and connect with a new audience. Instead, focus on being yourself and sharing the story of your organization. Your nonprofit’s genuine voice and authenticity will make a significant impact, drive engagement, and bring in loyal supporters.

2. Engage With Your Audience

Gen Zers are digital natives, and they’re used to talking about everything online. This audience doesn’t want to be bombarded with messaging; they want to join in the conversation. Whatever platform you’re using to communicate with your audience (newsletters, social media, etc.), be sure to open up direct communication channels and be responsive. Your audience will be able to tell if their thoughts and opinions are no heard.

3. Go Where They Go

Social media is an ever-changing sphere of platforms, audiences, and nuance. Different age groups and demographics engage with platforms differently. Gen Zers may have a Facebook account but may not check it or be an active user compared to Gen X or Boomers. Be sure to research and invest time in finding the social media platforms Gen Z tends to use. Whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat, make sure you have a strong presence and curate content that’s designed for each platform. And remember, be authentic!

How M&R Marketing Can Help

Our team of brand management experts can help your nonprofit organization thrive. When you partner with M&R Marketing, we will help you evaluate all aspects of your nonprofit marketing strategy so you can strengthen your reputation, recruit community involvement, and achieve your organization’s goals.

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