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The Lowdown

Vizitech USA is an education and training company specializing in 3D technology, augmented reality, and virtual reality learning programs.

Services Performed

Digital Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Social Media,


The topic of technology as a training platform in the educational and training space is heavily researched. Because Vizitech is at the forefront of this technology, they need to remain a trusted voice and thought leader in this space. They were seeking resources that would allow them to grow their authority within the industry.

On top of writing monthly blog articles, we created three eBooks to capture lead information:

  • Bring Learning to Life Like Never Before
  • 5 Ways Virtual Reality Is Revolutionizing Business
  • 4 Innovative Ways Businesses Are Benefiting from Augmented Reality

We created a Google Ads and social media advertising campaign that directed a hyper-focused market to landing pages. On these pages, they are given access to the free eBooks by submitting their email address and name. This information is then funneled to Vizitech USA’s sales team and into a MailChimp list specific to the eBook they downloaded for future communication.

Vizitech's Ebook displayed on phone, tablet, and physical copy