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Convenience Store, Gift Shop, and Online Retail Store

For over 85 years, Stuckey’s has been making delicious pecan snacks and candies.

Stuckey’s History

At their peak in the 1970’s, Stuckey’s had over 350 roadside stores in 40 states and was a staple of road trips for generations. Sadly, the company fell out of family hands, and most of those stores are now shuttered. However, in 2019, Stephanie Stuckey, granddaughter of the founder, bought the company. Along with her partners, they are reviving the brand with a manufacturing plant in Wrens, GA and making Stuckey’s classic pecan snacks and candies in-house once again. Today, you can find Stuckey’s in almost 5,000 retail stores nationwide. And their online store – created by M&R – is a key part of the Stuckey’s comeback journey.

  • Sold in nearly 5,000 retail stores
  • A distribution center
  • A pecan and candy processing plant

The Need

When Stuckey’s contacted M&R in 2022, the company was searching for a better solution to sell products online, especially chocolate items. Its existing website was not serving customers the way Stuckey’s needed. The company wanted an improved eCommerce site with robust capabilities to accommodate the amount and type of orders customers were placing online.

Stuckey’s also wanted to update the site’s look and user experience while maintaining a classic, nostalgic feel.


The Solution

Our developers dove into Stuckey’s 23-page website to revamp its eCommerce functionality and UX design. In addition to design renovations, we efficiently organized their products by category and added a custom functionality to make it easier for Stuckey’s to ship chocolate items. Now, the website determines where the shipment will go and whether or not the order includes any chocolate items. If such items are added, the site automatically adjusts the shipping costs and adds a cold box to the shopping cart.

Our solutions included:

  • Managing 135 SKUs
  • Creating 23 product categories
  • Improving UX design throughout the site

The Results

Stuckey's phone mockup

Stuckey’s website updates went live in October 2022, and the company has seen significant performance improvement ever since. Stuckey’s saw a 58% increase in sales between Q1 of 2022 and Q1 of 2023, and results from the first three months in 2023 have included:

  • 60,000+ items viewed
  • 30,000+ items added to carts
  • 45,000+ site visitors
  • 175,673 pageviews