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Bey Bodo

Outdoor Tourism

Bey Bodo, founded in 2020, offers a range of boating and fishing charters in Amelia Island, Florida, and surrounding areas on the Gulf Coast. Their main goal was to bring local captains together for better opportunities for themselves and make charters more accessible for those who love to fish, want to learn how, and have a passion for the ocean.

The Need

Bey Bodo came to M&R Marketing with the idea of the business, but no name or branding guidelines. They approached M&R to assist with the full development and launch of their new company.

The Solution

M&R began with branding and name development, landing on the name Bey Bodo to represent going “Beyond the Buoy” in life, breaking through comfort zones and connecting with the ocean and the life beneath. From there, we finalized the logo design and color palette to implement in their branded pieces. Our copywriters, designers, and developers worked together to create a website, using unique photography and videography to entice visitors to schedule a charter directly from the site. M&R also developed print materials to further establish Bey Bodo’s presence in the industry.

Our solutions included:

  • Brand Name Development
  • Logo Development
  • E-commerce Website
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Print Materials
  • Swag
  • Social Media

Logo Development

Bey Bodo wanted a logo design that spoke to them as a company and the action and adventure their customers could expect on one of their excursions. It was important to showcase the fun nature of their business while also establishing Bey Bodo as a reliable, experienced group of captains. Our designers worked with the Bey Bodo team to determine the most effective elements of their design to communicate what they wanted and begin to build brand awareness.

  • We researched the area’s fish species and decided to incorporate a wahoo fish in the logo design.
  • The movement of the fish was intentional, as if it is jumping out of the ocean reaching for the hook.
  • Connecting the two – hook and fish – the font was customized to mirror a fishing line. The font tied the design together while showing the action of the sport.

The Results

Bey Bodo now has a clear and established brand presence in the industry because of the front-end development by M&R’s creative team.

In addition, their website is fully functional with the advanced calendar booking and purchasing features easily accessible and functional for their customers.