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Georgia Chamber of Commerce

Support Network for Georgia Businesses

Georgia Chamber of Commerce is an economy-focused organization that concentrates on the issues and opportunities affecting businesses statewide.

The Need

When an officer of the Robins Regional Chamber transferred to Georgia Chamber of Commerce, he encouraged the marketing team to reach out to M&R for help with website updates and certain graphic design projects. Their current team managed most aspects of their advertising, they just needed a hand with managing digital assignments.

Flyer Mockup

The Solution

We started assisting Georgia Chamber with website maintenance and graphic design services as needed. From that referral, we have since provided Georgia Chamber with branding services for their New Georgia Economy campaign, digital services for their American Rural Prosperity Summit campaign, social media graphics, membership surveys, print materials, and more.

Our solutions included:

  • Campaign Branding
  • Digital Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Membership Surveys
  • Print Materials
  • Video Creation
  • Website Maintenance


In 2021, we were contracted to run campaigns to advertise the annual American Rural Prosperity Summit. We carried out 2 forms of advertising for them during the 2 months leading up to the event, with the goals of spreading awareness and increasing attendance. Our campaigns involved Google videos and Geofencing.

Google Video

Video ads played on YouTube August 9-October 3. These ads received:

114,923 impressions
65.11% view rate
104 clicks
Average cost per view of $0.02


Through Georgia Chamber’s geofencing campaign, we specifically targeted city halls and chambers of commerce throughout Georgia to ensure their ads were seen by city officials. These ads ran for 2.5 months from mid-July to October. In that short period of time, these ads generated:

578,318 impressions
673 clicks
0.12% clickthrough rate (average rate is 0.10%)