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Each business has a different set of needs and goals for their website, some of which include a highly customizable, advanced solution. Our award-winning team of in-house developers is equipped to walk you through the discovery process and help you scope out your custom website project. Here’s a look at a few of our recent advanced website solutions.

Virtual College of Texas

VCT supports a network of 70+ community colleges in Texas by providing a platform for each college to setup online courses. The website allows each school to create and manage courses and for teachers to log in, manage, and update their courses. We also built a custom billing system for each individual college and access for students to register for courses.

Allied Business Solutions

ABS sought to utilize their website to better serve their clients. With this goal in mind, we created a customer and employee portal to house a customer service forum to facilitate conversation and customer support. We created an internal, searchable, and filterable directory to house 100+ customer service resources and training documents.

Mid GA Electric

MGA employs a large number of contractors at an hourly rate. Due to the volume, they had a team of people spending 30+ hours per week entering time for payroll. The process required four different software platforms, each working independently from the other. We streamlined the process from 30+ hours to one hour, integrated all software providers into one function on their website, and shifted all time recording online. All of this functions through a portal that also quickly creates cost and payroll reports. During the process, we created a custom project management system to help manage the whole process.

Despite having an older user base, their employees have adapted very well to the new system.

Veritas Monitoring Services

VMS offers a case monitoring service for family law attorneys that allows them to easily set up, create, and manage custody-related cases. The system provides customers access to a portal that houses case information and allows the VMS team to log call reports as part of the monitoring service. Each attorney can view and download call reports and track whether parents are following their requirements for custody.