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First Impressions Matter

People make eleven critical decisions within the first seven seconds of meeting someone – first impressions matter.*

At M&R, we are all about successful first impressions, but our concern has nothing to do with face-to-face interaction. We focus on the seven seconds a potential client spends on your company’s website.

In an age where second graders are taking notes on their iPads instead of black and white composition notebooks, your business’ online presence is as important as your business’ physical appearance. Thousands of potential clients are searching online for your services, and your website can play a major role in their decision. Consider these parallels between your website and making a first impression face-to-face:

  • If someone made a general search for a service your company offers, would your website even show up? You can’t make a successful seven second impression if you never meet, which is why taking advantage of search engine optimization services are so critical.
  • Your physical appearance contributes to the formation of a first impression, and the same is true of your website. The appearance of your website reflects your company’s level of professionalism. Here’s a few things to consider: Does your website look and feel current? Is your website mobile-friendly? Do the colors match your logo and branding?
  • Words play a significant role in first impressions. Have you considered the content on your website? Is it helpful and easy for potential clients to understand? Are your services clearly described?

Your Website is the Door to your Business for Many Potential Clients

In a first impression, you want to put your best foot forward. If the first seven seconds a potential client spends with your business is on your website, will they experience your business the way you want them to?

We have had countless business owners request a new website because they are embarrassed to send clients to their existing website. The repercussions of this are damaging, especially when considering the staggering numbers of internet usage every day. On the flip side, consider the potential number of clients who will make contact after their first seven seconds on your fresh, mobile friendly, and highly functioning website.

Let us help you make the most out of your 7 seconds.

*According to Dr. Michael Solomon, Professor of Marketing and Director of the Center for Consumer Research at Saint Joseph’s University.

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