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Websites are one of the most crucial tools businesses have to communicate with customers and leads. As a fuel distribution company, you need a website that resonates with frequent visitors and those exploring your company for the first time.

If your site is outdated and difficult to use, you may lose business without realizing it. Today, we’re exploring what an outdated fuel distribution website looks like and why it matters to your business.

The five most significant signs that show you need a new website include:

1. Your Current Fuel Distribution Website Features Outdated Elements

Website design elements continually evolve as experts discover new ways to improve the user experience online. It is crucial to implement these new trends as they become available for two specific reasons:

Modern Trends Improve Your Customers’ Experiences with You

It’s an unspoken, often subconscious truth that site visitors expect a certain level of usability from the websites they visit. When clients or prospective customers visit your site, they want to interact with quality elements, like:

  • Simple Navigation
  • Pleasing Visuals
  • Clear Content
  • Accessible Information
  • Interactive Guides

By applying thoughtful elements that serve the user throughout your entire website, you will retain visitors and improve your position to convert leads into customers.

If your current site is tough to navigate, harsh on the eyes, confusing or difficult to understand, and overall discouraging to use, your potential customers may likely move on to a different company with a more accessible website.

Modern Trends Improve Your Credibility

In line with how modern trends benefit a customer’s experience with you, a website with modern design elements strengthens your credibility among clients and customers.

According to industry research, it takes users only 0.05 seconds to form an opinion of the website they are visiting for the first time. When elements are up to date and the UX (user experience) is good, visitors are more likely to stick around, explore, and click back to you if they navigate away from your site. If elements are outdated or poorly thought out, visitors are likelier to leave and not return.

Website credibility is essential online, and modern web design elements help you achieve this for your benefit.

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2. Your Current Fuel Distribution Website Features Hard-to-Read Fonts and Harsh Colors

In the early days of the internet, it was common to encounter websites that used Times New Roman, Georgia, Courier, and other fonts we would label “outdated” today. It was also normal to land on webpages with bright font colors on dark backgrounds or light fonts on light backgrounds. The internet was one big experiment back then, and there were far fewer design expectations to abide by than the ones we have today.

However, some sites still utilize old-fashioned fonts or color combinations that are not easy on the eyes or do not meet ADA compliance standards. Visitors who land on websites with poorly chosen fonts and colors are likelier to leave than to stay and explore further.

Consider updating your website’s design and ADA accessibility if these elements are outdated and potentially driving visitors and customers away.

3. Your Current Fuel Distribution Website Displays Old or Incorrect Content

Accurate, up-to-date content matters. If your website displays dated information or content that ages your site by a few years or more, you lose credibility among visitors. Once a visitor deems your site non-credible, you probably lose them as a customer.

Perhaps your homepage features content regarding an event that took place in 2008. Or maybe your latest blog was posted in 2014. Whatever the case, you should revamp your website every few years to ensure content is fresh, updated, and keeping your site current. A few easy ways to update your website include:

Maintain a Blog Schedule

It’s wise to maintain a blog to help produce updated content and improve your site’s performance on search engines like Google. Post regularly with well-written content that is relevant to your company or your website.

Update Your Branding Elements

Similar to producing new content regularly, it’s also essential to update your website with current branding elements. If your company creates a fresh logo, be sure to feature the new logo on your website and incorporate any new branding colors or fonts onto the site.

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4. Your Current Fuel Distribution Website Loads Slowly

A telltale sign of an outdated website is a long load time. In today’s online landscape, speed is king. Users do not want to wait too long for your page to load. In fact, most users allow 3 seconds before they become frustrated with a slow page load. Over 30% of users leave a page by the 4th second, and 60% leave by the 5th second.

There are many factors that can add up to make for a slow-loading website, but undergoing a new web design can resolve the issue and better serve your fuel business.

5. Your Current Fuel Distribution Website Is Not Responsive

A responsive website adapts to whatever screen size the visitor is using. Responsive design allows your website to easily transition from desktop format to tablet and smartphone formats without difficulty.

Sites that are not responsive are usually designed for desktops. These become frustrating to use on mobile devices. Since over 90% of internet users utilize their smartphones to access the internet, having a responsive design is crucial for your fuel business. Without it, you will likely drive away potential customers who do not want to struggle through a poorly accessible website.

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