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M&R Office in Macon
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We will celebrate that milestone with a team of 20+ creatives working tirelessly for hundreds of amazing clients. As I type 15, it almost seems like someone else’s story. Nick and I first met in high school, in 1997, and let’s just say we weren’t sitting around talking business.

But years later, in 2008, we did sit down to discuss business, and we had 1 idea: create a full-service marketing agency that partners with businesses who crave growth and desire to make an impact through their work.

We are so grateful to each of you for being part of our story and supporting us along the way.

You’ve allowed us to help build your brand, tell your story, and grow your business, and we continue to be inspired by your ambitious goals. You’re nursing the sick, educating the next generation, protecting the vulnerable, fostering community, creating jobs, and so much more.

It’s a joy to witness first-hand your perseverance, quick-footed and innovative pivots, relentless work ethic, and creative insight into the future of your industry and consumer habits.

Throughout 2023, we will celebrate our 15th anniversary unabashedly, because we are really celebrating those who got us to this milestone. We are celebrating each one of you, whether we’ve worked with you for 15 years or 15 days.

So, let’s embrace the important work of our businesses and remind ourselves that we are blessed with the opportunity to make remarkable impact in the lives of our team, our community, and the customers we serve.

Here’s to a great year,

Matthew & Nick