Nathan Chase

Senior Digital Strategist

Music to My Ears

  • Umphrey’s McGee
  • Kings of Leon
  • U2
  • Elvis Presley
  • Interpol
  • Any 80’s music

Browser History

  • ESPN
  • Twitter
  • The Onion

My ideal day is spent on the beach being pummeled by the waves followed by an evening with a quality beer, pizza, and a basketball game (or a psychological thriller). If you’re around me for more than an hour without me quoting “The Office” at least twice, something must be wrong.

I’ve always enjoyed words. I love the life that words can breathe into a great ad or marketing campaign. It’s fascinating how a simple slogan can become so ingrained in our minds, even if it’s a product we have no interest in. I love putting ideas into words and coming up with new, creative ways to say something.