Cody Meek

Web Developer

Browser History

Depending upon the day, I enjoy spending my evenings watching the primetime basketball games (go Spurs). I also enjoy doing yardwork, spending time with family and friends, playing the occasional round of Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart, attending activities with my church, and trying to serve Christ wherever I can.

Interesting fact, I’m a font hoarder. 99% of the times I see an article on Twitter about a free font, it usually results in me quickly making my way to the page to see if I already have it in my personal archive.

What I enjoy most about web design is the ability to be creative without having to pick up a pencil or brush. I’m not very gifted artistically without a mouse… Web design can also be a puzzle, and anyone who enjoys puzzles knows that solving a really difficult puzzle is extremely gratifying.