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understanding geofencing and its benefits
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FAQ: What is geofencing?

In its most basic terms, geofencing is the ability to put a virtual fence around a physical location. After the fence is set, digital ads can appear to anyone who enters the virtual fence.

FAQ: How does geofencing work?

This technology allows us to place an advertising fence around any geographical area. If someone steps into that fence with their mobile device, we can display ads on their device. The ad won’t be intrusive like a text message or a banner across their mobile phone. However, geofencing creates the potential for the person to see the ad. Once the person leaves the advertising fence, we are still able to serve them ads up to 30 days.

FAQ: How does geofencing interact with consumer search habits?

Another use of geofencing is to draw upon the keywords that pertain to your business. We can remarket to people who are performing certain insight searches. For example, if a client goes to a website like WebMD and searches “allergy symptoms,” and you are an allergy doctor, we can begin showing your ads to the person who performed this search. It’s important to remember that even though Google dominates all search engine traffic, most searches happen inside of websites and apps, not on search engines.

FAQ: Where do my ads show up?

The geofencing ad network includes over 1,000,000 mobile websites and apps. Some of the popular places your ads may show on include ABC News, A&E, CBS Radio News, USA Today, The Chive, Fox News,, Live Strong,, Men’s Fitness, Accuweather, Photo Bucket, Craigslist, Candy Crush, Buzz Feed, Drudge Report, Perez Hilton, Sound Cloud, Fox Sports Go, HMT Fantasy Football, The Mike O’Meara Show,, Washington Post,, NY Times, Spotify, Ebay, CNN,, Reddit, and so many more!

FAQ: Why should geofencing be part of my marketing strategy?

Geofencing has proven to be a very effective, targeted form of advertising. Beyond traditional forms of advertising such as billboards or radio commercials, you can reach more people in a very specific geographical area. In fact, you can target your chosen audience by creating a fence around any geographic location! This location can be as small as a building or as big as an entire zip code.

Another great benefit of geofencing is that it can target people before they even realize they’re interested in your product. Instead of waiting for them to search for your product, the ad will be placed in front of them to spark their interest. In turn, you may experience an increase in customer inquiries and profit.

  • 89% of mobile media time happens within apps

M&R Marketing would love to talk to you about your advertising goals, create a geofencing strategy for you, implement the strategy into real-time marketing, and provide reports for you to show you how well it’s working. If you’re ready to get started, contact one of our account managers today!