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Macon Coliseum & Macon City Auditorium's logos
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MACON, May 17 — M&R Marketing Group was proud to create the multi-functional, innovative website for the Macon Coliseum and Macon City Auditorium.

“We were selected to design and develop a website that encompassed the overarching Centreplex, City Auditorium, and Coliseum – essentially a three-in-one website,” said M&R’s Account Manager Megan Anderson. “Patrons will visit one URL to obtain information about both venues and the Centreplex. You can seamlessly bounce back and forth, but at the same time, it is clear which section of the website you are on.”

When the client asked M&R to create the new website, they asked for both venues to exist within one website that was easy to navigate. M&R’s Senior Graphic Designer Heather Waldron commented on the success and challenges of this endeavor:

“To combine both websites into one, we had to approach the site differently with design and functionality. With both of these locations hosting events year round, we had to ensure that event and ticket information was easy to access.”

In addition to the new website, M&R created two new logos for Macon City Auditorium and Macon Coliseum that boast individuality while complementing each other.

“The new logos provide a fresh look to the Coliseum and City Auditorium that plays out well in the website,” Waldron said. “The new colors and clean lines allow for a site that is well branded, but also doesn’t distract from the information.”

You may view the new website here.

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