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Whether your business is brand new or generations old, creating a strategic marketing plan to grow your business is vital for success. One resource that is often overlooked in a marketing strategy is LinkedIn: the network of professionals. It not only increases clientele and expands your network, but it also connects you to other business-minded people who can contribute to your success.

Adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy is a pivotal move toward a successful business.

LinkedIn is more than maintaining a strategically-written business profile, however. You can advertise, participate in groups, post status updates, invite others to join your network, and much more. If you manage your LinkedIn account with expertise, LinkedIn can work for you. Consider the following benefits of creating and maintaining a LinkedIn profile:

Provides a Business-Friendly Social Platform

Unlike other social media platforms that evolved to serve businesses, LinkedIn was created with businesses and professionals in mind. Its algorithm is simpler than other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This allows your reach and presence to extend further via your online community, but that doesn’t mean social interaction is minimal.

Recently, LinkedIn users are increasing their social interaction while maintaining a professional, business-oriented presence. It’s still a hotspot for referrals and resources, but it also offers a personal presence that is needed for businesses to succeed.

Increases Professional & Personal Credibility

LinkedIn is still relatively untouched from the business world compared to Facebook – 500 million users versus two billion users, respectively. This statistic alone shows that not a lot of businesses are consistently focusing on LinkedIn as a primary social channel.

This is great news for your business because it provides a fresh platform that is unpolluted by information overload.

If you post three to five times a week on your account, you will stand out from your competitors. It’s important to note that your business page and personal page must have consistent, thought-provoking posts. By publishing on your business profile, you are establishing authority in your field. By posting on your personal profile, you are creating a more intimate connection to your followers that will ultimately earn you more business.

Directs Traffic to Your Website

Your three to five weekly posts should include a link that redirects the reader to your website for more information. Research shows that the referral traffic to a website from LinkedIn has a lower bounce rate, higher number of pages visited, and longer time on site than other social channels. Several ways you can direct traffic to your website include posting about a new product, articles, company photos, and more. By creating and maintaining a LinkedIn presence, you will increase credibility with your followers.

How M&R Can Help

If you’re ready to increase your marketing strategy success, allow us to handle your online presence through social media management. Through this service, your appearance in search engines will improve, clientele relationships will strengthen, and your reach will extend even further. LinkedIn is one of many social media sites we can manage for your business; Facebook, Houzz, YouTube, and Instagram are a few more.

Shoot us an email at to get started. We look forward to partnering with you!