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Email marketing is unbelievably effective, with a phenomenal return on investment when done well. In terms of digital marketing practices, its positive impacts dramatically outweigh the costs of implementing it. And the benefits go far beyond just “improving sales” – email marketing can literally help with almost any business goal you have in mind.

But setting up detailed and effective automation campaigns, crafting regular engaging enewletters, and knowing when it’s time to update your messaging can all require a good amount of time and effort. Beyond that, understanding how audiences engage with emails, knowing current best practices, and staying abreast of developments all require some specialized knowledge that may fall outside your wheelhouse.

When you partner with an agency that has broad experience with email marketing, you’ll not only gain a trusted partner who can help with all of the above questions, but you’ll also have someone who can help you unlock the full potential of email marketing.

An Email Marketing Agency Will Help You Define Goals

It’s incredibly easy to undersell and underestimate the power of email marketing. You may think that “increasing sales” or “announcing new products” is the extent of what email marketing can do for your business.

In reality, there’s almost no end to what email marketing can do for your business. Below is just a short list of goals that effective email marketing can help you achieve:

  • Increase overall brand awareness
  • Build an engaged audience of dedicated brand-followers
  • Gain a better understanding of your audience, market, or customers
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Boost walk-in visits to your storefront
  • Educate your audience on your value propositions
  • Position you as a thought leader in your market

Oh, and email can definitely help you increase sales and announce new products, too.

By choosing a full-service email marketing agency, you’ll gain an ally who truly understands the power of email marketing and can help you define common-sense, achievable goals that your email campaigns will help you attain.

An Email Marketing Agency Understands Audiences

If you occupy a highly specialized niche in the market (oversized hats, for instance), you’ll already understand your market (people with large heads). For most businesses, though, the products and services being offered will benefit customers from across a broad spectrum of audiences.

When you turn to an email marketing agency, they’ll help you identify your specific audiences and subgroups and know the types of messaging that appeal to each one. They’ll match specific campaigns and automations to specific audiences to ensure that your emails are being received by people who want and need the information each message provides.

An Email Marketing Agency Knows Content and Design

All the best strategy in the world does no good if it’s not paired with effective tactics. In the case of email marketing, that means sending messages that feature stunning design and easy-to-digest content.

An email marketing agency will be able to comb through your business, products, and services in order to glean the bites of information that will resonate with your audience. They’ll know how to distill detailed information into an easily scanned message that conveys your message without imposing too much of your readers’ time.

Their designers will take that content and turn it into beautiful messages that catch the readers’ eyes, integrating your brand identity directly into your messaging templates. They’ll choose and create high-quality visuals that help drive your points home. Above all, they’ll make sure that your email campaigns are consistent with your business’s visual identity and that the styling of each message highlights, rather than overshadows, your content.

An Email Marketing Agency Helps You Use Analytics

For many businesses, the data provided by their email platform is worth as much as the conversions from the emails themselves. Looking at your email campaign’s analytics can provide detailed insight into:

  • Overall brand recognition and acceptance
  • Audience engagement with your website, landing page(s), and/or social media accounts
  • The steps different buyer personas take through their buying journeys with your company
  • Where strong or weak spots appear in your sales funnel
  • Which of your value props really resonate with your audiences
  • And hundreds of other insights to help you make future decisions for your business

An email marketing agency can help you glean all of this information from the analytics that emerge from your email campaigns. Want to know how your messaging is being received by young females aged 18-24? Your email marketing agency can help you see exactly how that group interacts with your emails.

They’ll also be able to tell what’s working and what isn’t in your ongoing email campaigns. When a particular message or message stream is underperforming, they’ll know how to examine that aspect of your campaign and identify ways to improve it. When it’s time to end one campaign and launch another with updated or completely new content, they’ll be able to tell you that, as well.

Hey, It Just So Happens – We’re a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency!

How’s that for a coincidence? Just as you’re looking for an email marketing agency that can help you leverage the undisputed power of email marketing, you stumble across M&R Marketing! Our team can help you develop an effective email strategy to fit your goals, help you identify your audiences and their pain points, and craft engaging messages explaining how you can solve those pain points. We can also provide detailed reports on your campaign’s progress and effectiveness, as well as deliver insights to help you make decisions going forward. Give us a call and learn how our full-service email marketing agency can work for you! Call Today: 478-219-8398

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