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If there’s one thing M&R Marketing knows how to do, it’s elevating a brand’s presence to reach a target audience. Our work with SCTool Corp is a prime example of our elite marketing capabilities.

SCTool Corp is a Spartanburg, South Carolina-based manufacturer of high-performance, solid carbide cutting tools. SCTool manufactures drills, end mills, and special carbide tool products for a broad range of industries.

M&R Marketing partnered with SCTool Corp to overhaul its branding materials, build a robust ecommerce website, and create an updated product catalog.

SCTool Website Design


  • Improve customer purchasing experience
  • Create robust ecommerce feature
  • Optimize user experience with intuitive design

The SCTool ecommerce website is among the most complex built by our team. Our web development team crafted and customized every detail of the website to enhance the customer shopping experience. The robust ecommerce engine allows customers to sort and customize products before purchasing. It also allows customers and distributors to connect during the purchase process.

From the Website Designer

“I enjoyed seeing how we built upon the new branding to really give SCTool an established brand voice in the industry. SCTool is modern, cutting edge, and incredibly customer focused, so we designed a website that is sleek and easy to navigate.”

From the Website Developer

“My favorite part of the website are the things many people don’t see. We developed a customer-to-distributor ordering system from the ground up containing a lot of moving parts. A system this comprehensive required a lot of time and research, and many iterations over a two-month period. The final product made every challenging moment worth it.”

SCTool Product Catalog Design

M&R Marketing created a new product catalog for the complete SCTool product lines and services. The product catalog is sleek, easy to navigate, and features detailed information for every product and service.

The overall look of the catalog coordinates with the SCTool website design, creating brand consistency for SCTool’s customers.

Additional Marketing Services for SCTool

Product Photography

M&R Marketing coordinated professional photography for each of SCTool’s products to truly capture the craftsmanship of the product with breathtaking images.

Logo Design

Our designers coordinated all the SCTool product logos with the main company logo to create consistency and unify the brands.

Branding Materials

Finally, our team provided design and printing services for business cards, custom shipping stickers, and other branding materials.

SCTool Testimonial

This is truly the best experience we’ve ever had with an all-inclusive marketing company. We are so blessed to have a partnership with M&R Marketing. From a new logo, company colors, business cards, stickers, an eCommerce website, and a 65-page product catalog, the entire process was EXCELLENT.

We drive past thousands of marketing companies to get to M&R Marketing from Spartanburg, South Carolina, to Macon, Georgia, and M&R Marketing’s team killed it. We can’t wait to see what the future holds as we continue to grow with M&R Marketing!

Davin McRoberts, CEO, SCTool Corp

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