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Google is a behemoth search engine that dominates the digital world. With over 8 billion searches every day, Google easily overshadows other search engines like Microsoft Bing which has roughly 900 million searches per day. But there are benefits to having fewer users, especially for business owners who want to reach parties who are ready to convert. Allow us to highlight 4 reasons why Microsoft Ads can’t be ignored.

1. Microsoft Ads Show on 3 Search Engines

When you create a Microsoft Ad, it will be powered across Yahoo!, AOL, and Bing. In your ad, you can adjust the settings to pinpoint the exact audience you want to reach including locations, devices, gender, and even the time of day your ad is pushed to users. You can create many different types of ads, including:

  • App Install Ads
  • Bing Smart Search Ads
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Expanded Text Ads
  • Microsoft Audience Ads
  • Multimedia Ads
  • Product Ads
  • Responsive Search Ads

2. Microsoft Ads Boast a Lower CPC & Higher CTR

Microsoft ads tend to receive a lower cost-per-click and higher click-through rate than Google ads. This is due to the Microsoft Bing user base. They are likely older, high-earning, decision-makers searching for a solution to their problem instead of just… searching. On Google, your ad may reach more parties. On Microsoft Bing, your ad may reach more interested parties. Choosing which platform to focus on should be determined by your ad goal – brand awareness, lead generation, traffic increase, and so on.

3. Microsoft Ads have Less Competition Than Google Ads

More people are on Google than Microsoft Bing, so many companies spend their marketing dollars on the Google platform. But, this means Microsoft ads have less competition than Google ads! Highly competitive industries can benefit from running Microsoft Ads, as there will be a cheaper cost-per-click. Don’t miss out on opportunities to reach the Microsoft Bing audience just because of the smaller user base.

4. Microsoft Bing Allows You to Import Your Google Ads

“You’ve been advertising on Google and now you want to try Microsoft Bing? No, problem. Simply import your Google ad into our platform and start advertising!” – Microsoft Bing

At least, that’s what I imagine it would say if search engines could talk.

Microsoft Bing wants to create a hassle-free experience for the user, so they’ve made it possible for advertisers to upload their Google ad into their platform. Boom-bada-bing… you’re ready to advertise.

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