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It’s a new year full of exciting opportunities for your business or organization. As you think about your marketing goals for 2019, take a moment to evaluate your past activities and current position. We put together a list of four key areas to get you started on the right marketing foot in 2019!

Establish a Consistent Brand

Every aspect of your marketing should push a consistent message across all mediums. In order to ensure a consistent message, you must establish your brand’s core identifiers. Four core identifiers include your logo, color palette, vision statement, and mission statement.

Your logo and color palette are two marketing aspects that help your customers immediately identify you. Your logo should be tastefully placed on every print piece, digital advertisement, social media platform, and beyond. Your color palette should be consistent with all of your marketing endeavors. Your mission and vision statement should help direct your endeavors.

Evaluate Your Website

The average life of a website is three to four years. Keeping your website up to date and fresh is important! Your prospective customer will likely visit your website before contacting you, whether they learn about you through an online search or from a friend.

Sit down at your computer and bring up your website. Try to see it with fresh eyes, as if you’ve never stumbled across your company’s website before. Jot down notes of what you see, what should look better, and what your website is doing well. Now, head over to Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search for one of your services and your current location. For example, if you’re an owner of a coffee shop and live in Macon, Georgia, you would type into the search bar “coffee shop in Macon, Georgia.” Is your website ranking well? Does it show up on the first or second page? If not, evaluate your website’s SEO.

Develop a Social Media Strategy

There are many social media platforms out there and it is important to be on the right ones for your business. Do you have a presence, but rarely engage? Knowing and speaking to your target audience is key! Time and money can easily be misused on social media. Facebook and Twitter are great for most businesses, while other social media outlets like Pinterest and Houzz are dream platforms for certain businesses.

Maintaining your social media presence is just as important as having a social media presence. When you post online, you need to stay engaged with your customers. For example, schedule several posts every month where you ask your followers a question and encourage them to leave their answers in the comment section. Make sure you “like” or respond to their comments! Invite them to follow your page so they can see more of your products and services.

Revisit Your Roots

We are passionate about marketing! Put an awesome print piece, graphic, or commercial in front of us and we’ll look like a kid at Disney World. It’s what we do, what we think about, and what we enjoy. And we know that businesses can thrive under the influence of effective marketing.

So, ask yourself, “What gets me so excited about my business?” Write down your answer and let it fuel your year! Your answer may change and that’s okay. Write and re-write your answer and stick it in a place you see often.

In 2019, resolve to communicate effectively, efficiently, and consistently with your consumer! If you need assistance, we would love to come along side of you. Send us an email with your questions: . Happy New Year – Cheers!