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    Drink 7,235 Coffees A Year

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    A Four Point Website Evaluation Tool
    Have you ever looked back at family photos, maybe from a few Christmases ago, and wondered, “What on earth was I wearing?” Well, web design is a lot like family photos, or rather fashion. When it comes to what’s in-style, it changes… quickly. On average, you should do a major evaluation of your website every […]
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    The Essentials of Monitoring Your Online Reputation
    At M&R, we don’t trust the phrase “all publicity is good publicity.” When it comes to running a business, bad publicity is…well, bad. It hurts sales and drives customers away. It also prevents new customers from using your products or services. This is why it’s so important to monitor your online reputation. One of the […]
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    The Importance of Maintaining Active Social Media Accounts
    No matter how much money your company spends on ad campaigns, the most effective marketing will always be word-of-mouth. When someone refers your company to his or her friends, you’re more likely to gain new customers. By far, one of the best forms of word-of-mouth marketing is through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. […]
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    4 Reasons You Need an Informational Website
    When was the last time a company’s website impacted your decision to do business with them? Potential customers form first impressions of your organization based on the look and content of your website. You have 7 seconds to make a good impression—are you succeeding? If not, you should think about developing a new informational website. […]
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