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    Want more from yourself and more for others. The desire for more is contagious, invigorating, and transformational.

    Wanting more of what’s noble is a powerful thing. We even think it should be a requirement.

    We believe more is found by being consistently relational, insightful, innovative, and passionate. If you want more, we’d like to partner with you.

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    Behind our letters, there’s a group of highly motivated, creative thinkers united in cause for the success of your brand. Spend some time and get to know us. We are excited to return the favor.

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    Drink 7,235 Coffees A Year

    Play 208 Songs A Day

    260 Casual Fridays A Year

    3,120 Group Huddles A Year
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    Design Project: Middle Georgia State University Strategic Plan
    Middle Georgia State University (MGA) entrusted M&R Marketing Group to design the 12-page booklet containing their first-ever strategic plan, which highlights MGA’s goals and priorities over the next three years, 2015-2018. MGA needed to portray a large amount of content and statistics in an easy-to-read, exciting format. So, M&R Marketing Group created a booklet incorporating visually […]
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    Four Ways to Go From Wallflower to Prom King on Social Media
    In my entire adult life, I can honestly say I’ve never had the thought, “I wish I could be in high school again.” Sure, we had a good time fixing up and racing our cars, avoiding studies, and idolizing Dave Matthews Band. But those teenage years were also a bit awkward and full of drama…oh, […]
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    Now Hiring – Web Developer
    M&R Marketing Group, based in Macon, Georgia, is currently hiring for the full-time, on-site position of Web Developer. This position is available immediately. Applicant should be proficient in the following and possess the listed experience: HTML – 3+ years CSS – 3+ years PHP – 3+ years WordPress – 3+ years Photoshop – 1+ year(s) […]
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    Three Reasons You Should Start A Blog on Your Business Website Today
    Blogging has changed a lot over the last 15 years since the activity was first made popular through publishing online diaries. I created my first blog in 2004 and I spent hours coming up with a clever name and choosing a template on Blogspot. Every week or two I’d post something incredibly embarrassing like a […]
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