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Google Local Service Ads are an effective way to reach your nearby audience and generate leads. These ads are different from Google Ads, as you are only charged if you generate a lead from the ad versus if your audience clicks on it. Your Google Local Service Ad will show up at the top of Google’s search engine result page (SERP), and it will include the following information about your business:

  • Name
  • Hours of operation
  • Phone number
  • Review rating
  • Reviews
  • Service area

Google Local Service Ads boast a white checkmark in a green circle with the words “GOOGLE GUARANTEED” next to it, sure to catch your audience’s eye. Even better, Local Service Ads populate above other paid ads, which are fighting for this coveted spot. Check out an example of a Google Local Service ad in the image below.

screenshot of google ad

In the image above, it’s important to note that the Google Local Service Ads that are Google Guaranteed show up before the one that is not. Additionally, it is shown above the paid Google Ad. Here are a few ways to improve your Google Local Service Ad placement – none should take you by surprise! Consider these tips:

  • Ask your customers for excellent reviews! 5 stars is the goal.
  • Keep your business hours updated, especially for holidays that fall during the week.
  • Triple-check that all your business information is correct. Accurate information helps you receive the Google Guarantee badge!

Google Local Service Ads Benefits

Placement is a substantial benefit of Google Local Service Ads, along with cost-effectiveness and exposure. People of all ages use the internet to find local businesses, but we want them to do more than just find you. We want your audience to act on their findings. Your Google Local Service Ad allows your interested party to connect with you via text or phone call. Let’s highlight a few more benefits of Google Local Service Ads:

  • Placed at the top of Google’s SERP, above other paid ads.
  • Connect with an interested audience who wants to convert.
  • Build a personalized profile full of accurate information.
  • The Google Guarantee badge strengthens your credibility.
  • Pay only for leads, not clicks.

Qualifications for Google Local Service Ads

Only a handful of businesses qualify for Google Local Service Ads, and when we say a handful, we mean precisely 74 (as of March 2023). Here are a few business categories to help you get an idea, but you can check out the entire list here.

  • Acupuncturist
  • Animal rescue
  • Appliance repair services
  • Bankruptcy lawyer services
  • Beauty school
  • Business lawyer services
  • Carpet cleaning services
  • Carpenters
  • Childcare
  • Contract lawyer services

Cost of Google Local Service Ads

(Remember! Google Local Service Ads are pay-per-lead, not pay-per-click. So, the money you spend on a lead is most likely from an interested party. Win-win!)

The cost of Google Local Service Ads is directly affected by your service industry, business location, and the type of lead you receive. When you receive a lead, it will count be put toward your pre-determined monthly budget. Fortunately, Google Local Service Ads has a safety net in place, so you never go over your monthly budget (cue the audible sigh of relief). If you receive a lead after you’ve reached your pre-determined monthly budget, the money spent on that lead will be credited back to your account.

Valid Leads for Google Local Service Ads

A valid lead is considered any lead that is related to your business or your business services. If any of your leads contact you in the following ways, it is considered a lead from your Google Local Service Ad, and you will be charged:

  • Receiving a text message, email, or voicemail from a customer
  • Responding to a text message, email, or phone call with a customer

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Does your business qualify for Google Local Service Advertising? Let us take it from here. We would love to help your business grow by utilizing this incredible platform. Contact one of our friendly account managers today with your questions.   

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