Even if you have an impressive website, it must be findable amidst the millions of other sites online. With nearly three-quarters of a billion websites sharing the web, M&R’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are designed to competitively rank your website in search engines.

M&R’s copywriter will carefully craft the content on your website to smoothly and succinctly encompass who you are and what you do, while intrinsically improving your ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

On-Page Optimization

Optimizing your website is primarily about the content. Our on-page SEO services include proper H-tag structure, meta descriptions, cross linking, keyword density, load speed, URL structure, and more. But it all starts with research and analysis for the keywords and keyphrases that are most popular and relevant within your industry.


Content marketing focuses on creating frequent, informative articles that are relevant to your industry, use your customers’ vernacular, and complement the content on your website. Content is king, and keeping your website up to date with an active blog is one of the most important aspects of your SEO.

Local Listings

Registering your business with local directories and search engines will improve your position on searches primarily within the geographical area your business is located. Listings are full of relevant SEO content, including company description, services, contact information, images and video, and your URL. Local listings also create reputable backlinks to your website.

Sitemap Submission

With nearly a billion websites online, search engines are constantly updating their results with newly added websites, pages, and blog articles. By submitting a manual sitemap of your website, you can control how quickly the search engines index your new content, placing you at the front of the line.


Backlinks, or inbound links, occur when other websites reference the URL to your website. When these links come from quality, reputable websites with content similar to your website, it will positively impact your ranking on searches.

Offering Full SEO Management & Reporting

You’re busy, we get that, and understandably your attention is not always on your online appearance. Our SEO management services ensure your platforms stay up to date, are properly monitored for activity, and are employing the most effective practices to increase your visibility. You can learn more about our brand management services here.

Blog Management

To ensure your blog is kept up to date with fresh content, our copywriter manages the whole process. It starts with creating a content marketing strategy. After writing the article, it will be sent to you for approval, and then formatted and posted to your blog with SEO standards in place. We’ll manage the entire process, and now you have fresh content for the month that can be pushed out through an eNewsletter, on social media, and more.

SEO Management

There is a lot of SEO work that occurs during the build of a website, but the on-going work is just as important. Our SEO management services focus on developing fresh content (our copywriter is amazing), adding on-page SEO practices to all new pages, submitting sitemaps, and adding reputable back links.

Reputation Management

As you expand your presence online, it’s important that your brand is monitored. Our reputation management services ensure that you have safe and proper growth by monitoring review sites, directories, social media, blogs, and more.

Custom Dashboard and Reporting

In order to fully utilize your digital services, it’s important to regularly view traffic reporting. This data offers valuable insights into the performance of your website, SEO, SEM, and social media. We offer a customized dashboard which delivers graph-based reporting on all of your key metrics. Included with our monthly reporting package is analysis, helping you understand what all the numbers mean.

To learn more about M&R Marketing Group’s SEO services, please contact us here. And while you wait the few minutes it takes for us to return your call, explore our case studies to view our portfolio.