Photography & Videography

At M&R, we’re all about looking at the big picture for your brand. We work tirelessly to help you put your best foot forward by incorporating striking designs and innovative features with consistency, professionalism, and creativity. Presenting a polished brand includes relating to your market visually through photography and videography.

Why Photography & Videography Will Add Value To Your Brand

Make Some Friends

Giving clients a glimpse into who you are helps them feel like they’re doing business with a friend. Not only do professional photos of your staff and your workplace round out your website and print material, but they create an invaluable personality for your brand. Don’t be shy, get personal.

Appeal to a Visual World

Our culture is at a place where most people would rather watch a 30 second video than read a paragraph. Our photo and video services can help your brand make an impact in a world where pictures and videos dominate the conversation.

Extra Oomph

Professional, relevant photos and interesting videos give your business an extra touch of flair that sets you above the competition. From website to branding and everything in between, our services are designed to give your brand an intangible, “we’ve got it all together” look.

A Few Photography & Videography Ideas

  • Staff photos
  • Exterior and interior office photos
  • Product photos
  • Event photos
  • Promotional videos
  • Sales presentation videos
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Informal video series for social media or blogs
  • Commercials for TV, theaters, etc.

Our Photography & Videography Process


We’ll meet together to discuss the project and consider various ways to approach the shoot.

Develop Concept

The concept for the project will include all of the details required to setup the shoot.

Look Book or Story Board Development

A look book is a great way to plan a photo shoot, pulling together layouts and concepts to guide the project. For video shoots, a story board will lay out each scene and help organize the project.

Shoot Management

We will manage the entire project, ensuring the concept and your vision is being followed throughout.

Post Production

Once all the footage has been gathered, we will help manage the post-production work, which will produce the final product.

To learn more about M&R Marketing Group’s photography and videography services, please contact us here. And while you wait the few minutes it takes for us to return your call, explore our case studies to view our portfolio.