Mobile Website Design

Be Mobile Friendly
Consumers now use their mobile device and tablet for internet browsing more than they do their desktop computer. The shift has officially occurred, and it’s vital for your website to cater to your target market’s viewing habits. This is where Responsive Website Design comes into the picture, the newest approach to mobile website design.

The majority of mobile research begins on a search engine, ahead of apps and brand pages.

When someone’s searching for services you offer on a smartphone or tablet, they should be able to easily access that information on a mobile-friendly website, designed with their specific screen-size in mind. The innovative Responsive Website Design feature allows you to do this in a comprehensive and unified way, acting as one website that transforms itself to fit any screen size. Until recently the only solution to creating a mobile website was having two separate websites (a desktop and mobile version), which meant twice the expense and twice the time.


  • Improves User Experience
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Google Approved

Advantage of a mobile website design

  • Automatically responds to the size of the device – whether desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Undetectable to the consumer as they always view your website at the perfect size for their screen
  • Adapts every part of the website including layout, menus, graphics, and content for complete uniformity and allows all pages to be used
  • Removes the need to zoom to read the website’s content on smaller devices
  • Responsive websites save you time and money – you’re only updating one website and you’re saving the expense of developing two websites
  • Google recommends using mobile website design to improve the user experience
A look at mobile website usage
Consumers now use their mobile devices and tablets more than they use their desktops for internet browsing
of Americans use their smartphones to access search engines like Google, every day

of adults use the internet on their phones

of U.S. cell phone users will have smartphones by 2015

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