Brand Development

Your brand is what builds your company’s value and it’s not just about what you say and how you look – it’s also about what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Our brand development services get to know who you are as a company and what you’re passionate about before we ever start crafting a message or design.

A crucial part of your identity as a business is immediately conveyed through the messaging and graphical elements of your brand. Our branding services are designed to match your personality, articulate your goals, and create a clear emblem that your market can recognize and rally around.

Our branding services start from the beginning and cover every aspect of your branding – name development, mission and vision statement development, value propositions, color palette development, logo design, and graphic design. We wrap it all up in a nice, neat bow with our brand standards guide.

Does your brand emulate professionalism, personality, and consistency? Let us give your business a face that looks as good as the ideas behind it.

Look Good on the Inside

There’s a reason your brand exists and your messaging simply puts it in writing. But there’s a funny thing that happens when you put something in ink – it becomes the why behind what you do. Let us help you define the purpose of your company – we won’t decide for you, but we’ll just lead you through some exercises to discover it.

Name Development

The development of your company name is obviously the first step in branding, and our services help ensure that your name is SEO friendly, will resonate with your ideal target market, is easily recognizable and memorable, and is available via trademark. We’ll also help determine the best URL to use for your website.

Vision Statement Development

This short, catchy phrase embodies the purpose of your company, provides a goal for your team, and gives your clients an easy way to remember who you are and what’s important to you.

Mission Statement Development

A little more detailed, your mission statement is an in-depth declaration of your company’s commitment and purpose that provides the excellence standards for your team to strive towards and guides all decision-making. It also gives your clients a glimpse into the values of your business and encourages like-minded partnerships.

Value Propositions

Your company’s value propositions let clients know how your product or service can provide a solution to their need and improve their situation, as well as communicate the benefits of your product or service over another company’s.

Look Good on the Outside

When your clients see a concise, well-formed message that is consistently communicated, they will begin to recall what your company is all about. The same is true for the design of your brand. With our branding services, we strive to understand your vision and create a strikingly unique and refreshingly sophisticated look.

Just as important as your brand’s look is the consistent use of that look. Once your branding has been established, you should focus on using it consistently in your market in order to more quickly establish brand recognition.

Logo Design

A well-designed, graphically appealing logo serves as the basis for the rest of your branding. A logo should give a great first impression, be the foundation for all of your marketing materials, and you should be in love with it. Well, you’re in luck. Our logo services are designed with the big picture in mind.

Color Palette

The development of your brand colors will not only help establish the look of your brand, but it will also ensure consistency across all of your marketing efforts. Creating a color palette will produce actual color formulas so that everything matches perfectly.

Brand Standards

This is a concise piece that defines every element of your brand, both from a message and graphical standpoint, in order to provide consistency across all of your promotional efforts. This resource also provides any party assisting with your message and designs a comprehensive guide on your brand.

One Agency

As a full service marketing agency, we add value to our clients by providing solutions for all of their marketing needs under one roof – branding, website design, mobile website design, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, social media, graphic design, logo design, photography, and videography. By providing all of these marketing services, we are able to ensure that your marketing is consistently conveyed through your messaging and graphics.

This approach also allows us to better know you and your company – what’s important to you, what makes you tick, what you like and don’t like, and who your customers are. The better we get to know each other, the better the work that’s produced.

How could we possibly create a successful brand without really, and we mean R-E-A-L-L-Y, knowing you? We utilize our understanding of your expertise, experience, and passion to develop your brand in the most strategic way. Plus, we really enjoy getting to know you. We welcome our clients into our family, and your success revs our creative engines.

To learn more about M&R Marketing Group’s branding services, please contact us here. And while you wait the few minutes it takes for us to return your call, explore our case studies to view our branding portfolio.