Houston County Bar Association

Client Overview: The Houston County Bar Association is a voluntary organization of nearly 100 attorneys and judges in Perry, Warner Robins, Centerville, and Macon. The bar offers legal resources, networking opportunities, continuing education topics, and sponsorship of community events.

Client Needs

The Houston County Bar Association needed a new legal website to represent the bar association in a professional way and better serve as a resource for their members.


  • 2014, Best Legal Website Design - State Bar of Georgia


In order to better connect each of the 100 attorneys and judges, M&R created a Content Management System website with mobile website design and a searchable database. The database functions in two ways: (1) for the community seeking an attorney and (2) for bar members as they seek to locate attorneys for referral or to collaborate on cases. The database is searchable by name, city, and practice area. In order to populate the database, M&R managed all communication with the bar members to secure the correct information and to make the process as easy as possible for the client.

The website also features a fresh design, new logo, and a full blog and calendar.

Project Highlights

The Houston County Bar Association website has helped organize local members and better educate and serve the public with their legal needs.