Hair Transplant & Restoration Center

Client Overview: Hair Transplant and Restoration Center offers personalized treatment options for people struggling with hair loss throughout the state of Georgia. They utilize cutting edge technology and procedures and focus on providing an excellent client experience.

Client Needs

As a new medical practice in Macon, Georgia, Dr. Gray required a full business startup package, including name development, website design, a print package, and more.


M&R began working with Dr. Gray around 6 months before the practice launched. Our branding services included name development, which M&R created based on research and analysis with search engines, color palette and logo design, and mission statement development.

Online services included a Content Management System website with responsive design, Search Engine Optimization, social media, a content marketing strategy, informational video series, and a Search Engine Marketing campaign via Google AdWords.

Print material included an 8-page catalog, tri-fold brochure, stationery, rack cards, and cross-promotional material in waiting rooms.

Project Highlights

As a new practice in a competitive market, it was important to have a strong focus on both Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. The ongoing SEO services focus on creating relevant content on a consistent basis with 2 blog posts per month. The articles answer questions about hair loss, discuss treatment options, and we’ve also started a video blog series. The blogs have helped extend the online reach of the practice, ranking as the second most visited page on the website, just behind the home page.