Athens Oral Surgery Center

Client Overview: Athens Oral Surgery Center is the practice of Dr. Jonathan Tomlinson, located in Athens, Georgia. The practice focuses on oral surgery including wisdom teeth, dental implants, bone grafting, anesthesia, jaw surgery, sleep apnea, orthodontic, facial trauma, oral pathology, and TMJ. The practice was acquired by Dr. Tomlinson in 2011.

Client Needs

Dr. Tomlinson had spent a year transitioning into the new practice which he took over in 2011, and was now ready to create a younger, more modern look that matched his medical focus on innovation and technology.


M&R’s focus was on branding, website, and print material. M&R started from scratch with the branding for Athens Oral Surgery Center, leaving only the name of the practice in place. The selected logo presented a very modern take on a lettermark and created a new color palette.

The new medical website utilized a Content Management System, responsive website design, and revisions to the layout and organization of content in order to better serve the needs of the online client.

The new brand was taken to print as well, creating a practice catalog focused on physician referrals, a tri-fold brochure for patients, and inner-office stationary, including letterhead and envelope, thank you card and envelope, referral pad, and business card.

Project Highlights

As an established practice that was acquired, Athens Oral Surgery Center needed a fresh, modern look and one that Dr. Tomlinson could feel connected to. He was very involved in the process, and provided great feedback. Our design was able to successfully match, and even expand, his vision. It’s always exciting to work on a branding overhaul where very little is sacred.