Now Hiring – Graphic Designer, Macon

M&R Marketing Group is hiring a creative, insightful, and experienced Graphic Designer. The position is full-time and is available immediately.
As a Graphic Designer, you will be responsible for creating design concepts and layout for client accounts and M&R projects. The purpose of this position is to ensure creativity, innovation, accuracy, and consistency across all design projects including, but not limited to, print material, logo design, ad design, and web design.

Applicant should be proficient in the following design software and possess the listed experience:

  1. Adobe InDesign – 4+ years
  2. Adobe Illustrator – 4+ years
  3. Adobe Photoshop – 4+ years

Applicant should be experienced and have a presentable portfolio for the following design projects:

  1. Logo Design
  2. Website Design
  3. Print Layout & Design – from business cards to multi-page catalogs

Applicant should also:

  1. Have a knowledge of the theory and techniques required to compose and produce works of visual arts
  2. Keep up to date technically and creatively and apply new knowledge to your job
  3. Be able to communicate directly with peers, managers, and clients while leading project development to a completed and successful solution
  4. Possess strong organizational skills to manage multiple timelines and complete tasks quickly within the constraints of a client’s timeline
  5. Be able to grow professionally in a highly flexible and fast-moving environment
  6. A strong work ethic, passion, and integrity

We’re passionate
If you get fired up about giving a project every ounce of creativity and insight you’ve got, and then some, you’ll really enjoy working with us. Every day’s a challenge and we stretch our abilities a bit farther than the day before. We want more out of ourselves and more for others.

We have a great team
We’ve learned that relationships are the catalyst for progress, ideas, and impact, and we value our people. Our team of 14 is like-minded, but diverse; easy-going, but passionate; hard-working, but we have way too much fun.

We have a great space
We know that two (or more) brains are better than one, so we work on every project collaboratively. We have an open office environment because, in our experience, breaking down barriers only leads to good things. If you like getting the creative juices flowing in a team atmosphere, you’ll feel at home here.

Learn More & Apply

If you are seeking a rewarding career at a growing, award-winning marketing agency and are energized by an open, relational, and innovative work environment, we invite you to apply. Please email your resume, portfolio, and cover letter here.


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