Twitter-Based TV Ratings Shake Things Up

When Nielson first released their brand new Twitter-based TV ratings on Oct. 7, social media’s extensive influence in our tweet happy culture became even more apparent. Complimenting Nielson’s traditional ratings of TV programs, the Twitter rating measures how many people are authoring tweets about a specific show and the amount of impressions that tweet made […]

iPad Air: Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Well, Apple’s done it again. On Tuesday, the powerhouse tech brand unveiled the next generation iPad, renamed the iPad Air for its “light as air” qualities. The most notable features of the iPad Air are clearly found in its thinness, 20% thinner than the previous generation, weight, 1 pound versus 1.4 pounds, and its powerful […]

Pinterest Starts Advertising

With so much revenue tied to social media, it’s amazing it took Pinterest as long as it did to start advertising. Founded in 2009, Pinterest has proven to be the fastest growing social platform of all time, now boasting an incredible 47 million unique visitors each month. In an email sent out to users, Pinterest […]